Making Your Organization Carbon Neutral With Renewable Natural Gas

Feb. 1, 2023

The growing importance of sustainability is cultivating demand for comprehensive energy solutions that can help organizations achieve their environmentally focused goals. Low-carbon alternatives in recent years have been more focused on electricity from intermittent renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar PV, in addition to some base load sources such as landfill gas and biomass-fueled power generation. However, demand for addressing the thermal side of the equation, like renewable natural gas,  is gaining momentum. 

For many organizations, a substantial portion of their carbon footprint is generated from the combustion of fossil fuels. Now that many organizations are on a mission to reduce their carbon footprint, rather than offset after it has been reported, the solution is renewable natural gas (RNG). 

Given that RNG is interchangeable with conventional natural gas, adding RNG to a corporate or institutional portfolio of energy sources is often easier and more cost-effective than many realize.

This white paper provides an educational overview of RNG, the opportunities it offers, resources detailing how to implement it as part of your organization’ energy strategy, and concrete examples of successful RNG projects that can serve as a blueprint for interested companies and institutions. 

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