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Synthetic inertia in power systems high on renewables

Nov. 1, 2023
Now On-Demand - A T&D World and Microgrid Knowledge-hosted webinar sponsored by PXiSE Energy Solutions

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 Wednesday, November 1, 2023
Sponsor: PXiSE Energy Solutions

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As climate action goals push utilities toward silencing their spinning generators, utilities are faced with replacing traditional inertia—critical to maintaining grid frequency—with synthetic or virtual inertia. This capability can be provided in the growing number of distributed energy resources such as solar, wind and battery storage. But what is synthetic inertia? Where does it come from and how can it be as reliable as traditional inertia? Can synthetic inertia completely replace traditional methods of maintaining system inertia? What are the risks? 

This session answers these questions and offers a proven path forward for grid operators ready to evolve electricity management beyond the way it was first conceived over 100 years ago.


Fausto Perez
Head of Project Delivery & Support     
PXiSE Energy Solutions

Fausto Perez has almost 25 years’ experience in the energy industry directing the engineering efforts of utility-scale power generation projects. His background at General Electric, AES, Sempra Energy and Recurrent Energy included construction, engineering, installation, commission and start-up, and operation of diverse assets including conventional power plants, LNG terminals, solar PV power plants and wind farms. As Head of Project Delivery & Support at PXiSE, Fausto brings his vast knowledge of project implementation best practices to the engineering and project management teams, ensuring clients’ most exact specifications are met.

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