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A Three-Phase Approach to Optimizing DERs on the Grid

April 28, 2023
The narrative has shifted on DERs and what they mean for utilities. Learn how utilities are unlocking the full potential of DER control and data acquisition with models to scale DER optimization.

When utilities first began to encounter distributed energy resources (DERs) connecting to their electric grids in large numbers, they raised concerns about the negative impacts, such as power line capacity overflows and higher grid upkeep costs for non-DER-owning utility customers. Thanks to the rise of new DER technologies, such as battery energy storage systems (BESS) and microgrids, utility leaders increasingly see DERs as grid assets with the potential to reduce faults, prevent outages, meet localized demand peaks, and ultimately yield a more resilient grid.

So, how can utilities overcome the challenge to shift DERs from sources of grid stress to sources of grid resilience? DER optimization.

Download this Microgrid Knowledge Special Report to learn via a real-life case study:

  • What is DER optimization? Where should utilities start with DER optimization?
  • The DER optimization journey
  • The difference between conventional controls and controls for DER optimization
  • Laying the groundwork to scale
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