Microgrid Knowledge - Dec 1st, 2023
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December 1, 2023
Today's News from the Editors of Microgrid Knowledge

I spent the first few decades of my career as a newspaper journalist. I loved the newsroom vibe but truly enjoyed getting out of the office. I started by covering both high school and collegiate sporting events, finally segueing to crime scenes, trials, shareholder meetings, and drilling and refining sites. The journalism ride can be a wild one – I just about did it all.

For the past eight years, since I moved into the world of business-to-business journalism, I’ve had the fun of attending dozens of energy industry conferences around the country and even the world. Earlier this year, I was able to witness my first-ever Microgrid Knowledge show in Anaheim, California, as the founders Kevin and Elisa were leaving and I was named to replace the latter as editor and conference chair. I had much to learn and still do.

Microgrid Knowledge was one of the finest conferences I have ever attended. Kevin and Elisa did an incredible job of building this industry event from scratch. It’s not as big as some yet, but the sense of community and friendly encounters made each day an eager endeavor. I truly dig the world of decentralized energy and marvel at all the good causes it supports. Those include the ongoing mission to provide power resiliency in Puerto Rico, Nigeria and beyond.

We at Microgrid Knowledge want to honor those projects that are the most altruistic and built for the benefit of the common good. Nominations are now open for the MGK Greater Good Awards, which will be announced April 24 during the Microgrid Knowledge 2024 Conference at the Marriott Waterfront in Baltimore, Maryland. I hope you will join us.

It’s also worth noting that a large part of the content sessions planned for Microgrid 2024 are now up for viewing. Registration is open, and we’re looking forward to honoring the best and brightest that the microgrid and distributed energy resource sectors have to offer.

Some of those dedicated souls are focused on helping others gain access to the same energy resiliency many of us take for granted. Our mission with the Greater Good Awards is to make sure these projects are given the recognition they richly deserve.

– Rod Walton, managing editor

By Rod Walton, Managing Editor
The awards recognize operational projects which serve a clear societal need and improve the human condition. Applications should demonstrate how these goals are being achieved through that project.
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