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Eaton Der Design Guide Preview

DER and microgrid design guide

The DER and microgrid design guide contains a wealth of information to reference when designing a microgrid system.
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Empowering Urban Sustainability

Synergy of Microgrids, Solar Thermal, and Thermal Energy Storage in Microdistricts
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The Role of Battery Energy Storage Systems in Hybrid Microgrids

Hybrid microgrids have emerged as a game-changer in the world of DERs and renewable energy integration. BESSs play a key role in ensuring high levels of renewable contribution...
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Accelerating Microgrid Projects

Download the eguide to learn how a standardized approach to microgrids can lead to speed and simplicity from start to finish.
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Electrifying Parking Lots: How to Maximize Revenue, Forecast ROI, Accelerate Design-to-Build Timelines

Discover how to overcome the challenges of developing reliable EV charging stations at the scale needed to charge the coming surge of electric vehicles. Learn how to confidently...
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Making Sure Fiber Customer Turn-ups are Done Right the First Time

Fiber is being installed at a pace the industry has never seen before, with more deployments, more customer connections, and fewer people to do the skilled work. This FAQ takes...
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The Case for the Mid-Sized BESS

This paper highlights the advantages of a grid interconnected BESS and how it can play a role in optimizing energy consumption, minimizing cost, and enhancing grid stabilization...
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Microgrids maximize value from solar power

Maximize your solar investment! Download our eGuide to learn how to empower solar-only facilities with microgrid solutions that enable cost savings, business continuity, and resilience...

How to Overcome Hurdles to the Deployment of EV Infrastructure

Three major takeaways from a survey on the EV charging infrastructure market
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How EaaS Microgrids Optimized with VPP Software Accelerate The Energy Transition

Distributed energy in the form of microgrids and Virtual Power Plants (VPPs), will play an increasingly important role in the new energy landscape. Learn how adding Virtual Power...
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Tying Multiple Power Systems Together with Intelligent Controls

The world’s demand for reliable energy continues to grow. Find out how a well-designed microgrid efficiently managed with intelligent controls can cost-effectively produce energy...
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Calvert Island: 10 Years of Integrating Renewable Energy

Just north of Vancouver sits Calvert Island, a remote location that's home to an environmental research station in need of 24/7 power. This stunning location was in desperate ...

Clean & Affordable On-Site Power Generation with CHP Solutions

This white paper explores how combined heat and power (CHP) offers a compelling solution to businesses and consumers who must overcome the challenges of deploying EV chargers ...
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Energy Security for Federal Facilities: Four Things to Consider

When we think of security as it relates to military and federal facilities, physical and cybersecurity are the first few things that come to mind — but these four considerations...
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Renewable Energy: 5 Critical Controls for World-Class OT Cybersecurity

How to align your leadership and implement a successful Operational Technology (OT) security posture
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Electric Industry Cybersecurity: Three Key Trends

Get the easy-to-share infographic to learn about three key trends impacting the electric industry.

Market Survey: Commercial EV Charging

Overcoming grid limitations and high costs with microgrids and government funding
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Electric Vehicle Charging: Leveraging Energy Storage for Grid Connectivity

As the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) continues to rise, ensuring a robust and efficient charging infrastructure becomes paramount. A crucial aspect of this infrastructure...
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Microgrid-powered Resilience Hubs for community service and safety during grid-power outages

Microgrid projects are complex and often involve multiple stakeholders. Discover how project developers use microgrid modeling to help make informed decisions on project design...
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Five Trends Energy Utilities Can’t Ignore When Preparing for the Future

The country’s most progressive energy utilities are future-proofing their operations and maintenance processes to offer hyper-reliability for their customers. To achieve this,...
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eBook: Unlocking the energy potential of microgrids

How microgrids help simplify electrical energy infrastructure in response to the global shift toward renewable power
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Driving the Future: Optimised EV Charging with Microgrids

The use of renewable energy to charge EVs is crucial to ensure the environmental benefits of EVs are fully realized. This is where microgrids can help profoundly, supplying reliable...
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A Three-Phase Approach to Optimizing DERs on the Grid

The narrative has shifted on DERs and what they mean for utilities. Learn how utilities are unlocking the full potential of DER control and data acquisition with models to scale...
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Is a Microgrid Right for Your Commercial Facility? Four Questions to Ask

Some commercial facilities are taking energy resilience a step further by deploying a microgrid for localized control on and off the grid. Should you? Before making the leap, ...

Bringing Power to the Islands

Exploring the challenges of energy production for islands in the Caribbean and how hybrid battery energy storage microgrids can effectively meet financial, environmental, operational...
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Can Battery Storage Improve Your Company’s Energy Efficiency?

This white paper walks through the steps any commercial or industrial facility should take to determine a microgrid battery size that offers the best return on investment.

Top 3 Cybersecurity Challenges Facing Electric Utilities

How companies can better secure smart grid technology.
Dragos Year In Review Report 2022

2022 ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review

The annual Dragos ICS/OT Cybersecurity Year in Review Report is the most comprehensive source for the latest cyber threat intelligence, vulnerabilities, and lessons learned from...
Middletown Microgrid Knowledge Maintenance

Middletown Recreation Center’s Microgrid Demonstrates Benefits of a Single Contractor

Middletown Recreation Center opted for a single contractor to deliver a fully engineered microgrid at their facility in Connecticut, also highlighting opportunities for microgrids...
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Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries beat lithium-ion regarding carbon footprint

A life-cycle assessment study initiated by the global technology leader CellCube, reveals that Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries excel with a highly favorable environmental footprint...