Microgrid Infrastructure offers a library of articles about the kinds of equipment and distributed energy resources built within microgrids. Here you will find information about the following  microgrid infrastructure topics: combined heat and power (CHP), design, controllers and software, generation, renewables (including solar and wind), energy storage (including batteries) and wires.
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New AC/DC Hybrid Microgrid to be Built in Singapore

Nov. 21, 2023
The microgrid, which will integrate a variety of on-site and remote renewable energy resources, will be built at the National University of Singapore.

ICT Visionary Q&A with Allen Griser, Chief Commercial Officer at Clearfield

Dec. 1, 2023
ICT Visionary Q&A with Allen Griser, Chief Commercial Officer, Clearfield
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New Microgrid-friendly Innovations named in TIME Magazine's Best 200 Inventions of 2023

Oct. 26, 2023
These include Dyaqua Invisible Solar Rooftile, Niron Magnetics Clean Earth Magnet, Brenmiller Energy bGen, Moxion Power MP-75, Antora Thermal Battery, Sesame Solar Mobile Nanogrids...
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Alberta, Canada-based wind projects are among the recipients of government funding. (Source: Tabor Chichakly /

Canadian Government Invests in First Nation Microgrid Project

Sept. 21, 2023
Canada’s Smart Renewables and Electrification Pathways Program will invest $175 million in 12 clean energy projects across Alberta, including a microgrid for the Montana First...
Conceptual drawing showing the Yuri project facilities at the completion of phase 0. The existing YPF ammonia plant is in the foreground and the solar plant is in the background. (Source: ENGIE S.A.)

PXiSE System to Balance On-Site Power at Green Hydrogen Plant in Western Australia

Sept. 6, 2023
The energy management system will control the facility's solar plant, battery energy storage system and its electrolyzer.
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INL's net-zero microgrid program

Interest in Small Nuclear Reactors Is Increasing. What’s Their Role in Microgrids?

Aug. 14, 2023
Eighty carbon-free small nuclear reactors are being designed. Xendee, which models the reactors along with other energy resources, is seeing plenty of interest. But with disposal...
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Kirtland AFB Awards New DC Microgrid Contract

June 7, 2023
A first-of-its-kind Air Force system, the demonstration project reduces reliance on DC/AC inverters.
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Validating Before Operating: Digital Twins and Microgrids

May 2, 2023
John Francis from ETAP explains why your microgrid should have a digital twin.
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Siemens Living Lab Adds Interactive Virtual Environment

March 20, 2023
The interactive virtual environment allows the public, customers and partners tour the microgrid system from anywhere in the world.