Data Center Microgrids

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Brain Trust: Microgrid Industry Thinking Through AI Data Center Demand Crisis

May 17, 2024
An irresistible force unanticipated until recently is coming right at an object considered immovable only a few years ago. Microgrids provide a key and timely solution.

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

April 8, 2024
Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...
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Bloom Energy Expanding Hydrogen Power Generation for Intel's Santa Clara Data Center

May 13, 2024
For Intel’s high-performance data center in Santa Clara, the answer became clear: expand on their existing hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure.

How Power-Hungry Data Centers and Large Industries Are Turning to Microgrids--On and Off-Grid

April 19, 2024
Up until recently, large load facilities have had a backup solution and have been grid connected. But because of grid constraints, they are choosing to be off-grid, according ...
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H2, Microgrids and Data Centers: Things2Know in Creating Truly Green Hydrogen Power

April 8, 2024
Plug Power expects to see hydrogen fuel cells deploying in scale within two years.
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Microgrids Help Create Data Centers that Don’t Break the Grid or the Environment

March 18, 2024
A new model for data center design uses microgrids to provide flexibility and clean energy that reduces grid stress. Other models focus on modular data center design and providing...
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AWS Acquiring Hyperscale Data Center Directly Connected to Nuclear Plant

March 5, 2024
Cumulus data center campus owner and nuclear power plant owner Talen Energy agreed to sell the facility to AWS for approximately $650 million. It is directly connected to the ...
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Data Center Solar Startup Gains $14.5M Funding for Illinois Projects

March 4, 2024
The financing with SkyRocket Capital eventually extends to Donato Solar’s planned pipeline of 100 MW in projects, totaling close to $100 million in financing. Anthony Donato is...
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Data Center Frontier Launches Data Center Frontier Trends Summit, September 4-6 in Reston, Virginia

Feb. 22, 2024
This in-person event will take place September 4-6, 2024, at the Hyatt Regency Reston in Reston, Virginia.