Would You Like to Speak at Microgrid 2021? Feb. 15 is the Final Date to Apply.

Feb. 1, 2021
The free, four-week educational event will run from May 11-June 3. Speaker applications are due Feb. 15. The event marks the start of the Microgrid Knowledge conference series for this year; last year the series attracted more than 8,000 participants.

The call for speakers’ deadline of Feb. 15 is nearing for Microgrid Knowledge’s next conference, “Microgrid 2021 Virtual: The World Awakens to Microgrids,” a free, four-week educational event that will run from May 11-June 3.

Those who would like to present a webinar or participate in panel discussions or interviews must complete the call for speakers application by Feb. 15.

Microgrid 2021 follows the two highly successful virtual events hosted by Microgrid Knowledge last year, which together drew an audience of 8,000 participants.

The upcoming event will be unique among microgrid conferences in that it’s designed to speak directly to those considering microgrid adoption, such as businesses, institutions, communities and government entities — microgrid customers.

The conference’s 16 sessions will include informative webinars, case studies, lively panel discussions, thought-provoking interviews, networking and live Q&A sessions — all on Microgrid Knowledge’s advanced multimedia virtual platform.

The event will run for four weeks, two days per week, three hours per day, and will feature more than 50 expert speakers. Each week will focus on a primary need that microgrids fulfill:

  1. Electric Reliability Week
  2. Economical Energy Week
  3. Sustainability Week
  4. Greater Good/Future Impact Week
Preferred topics

Microgrid 2021 seeks proposals that will help attendees understand microgrid development, operations, financing and resource selection, as well as the use of microgrids to achieve reliability, sustainability and energy budgeting goals. (See the agenda here.)

Preference will be given to presentations that have not been made at other conferences. For those who wish to present case studies, chances of acceptance are greater if the microgrid customer joins in the presentation. 

Given the event’s heavy emphasis on customer education, presentations and discussions should be geared toward sustainability officers and facility managers, business leaders, CEOs, government officials, institutional and community leaders, and other energy decision makers. Speakers should craft presentations with this audience in mind and minimize industry jargon.

No charge to present or attend Microgrid 2021

There is no charge to present at Microgrid 2021, but all speakers must register by April 15. (Registration is free.)

More details about the call for speakers can be found on the Microgrid 2021 website.

Microgrid 2021 will be the third virtual event offered by Microgrid Knowledge. Registration for the event opened Feb. 1. Participants can attend all sessions or only those useful to them. The conference is free for those who attend live sessions; there will be a charge for on-demand replays. 

The platform limits attendance to 5,000 participants, so register soon to ensure your place.

Check out the Microgrid 2021 website for more information.

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