Join Us Next Week for Free Microgrid Virtual Conference, June 1-3

May 19, 2020
The Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference, June 1-3, offers unique opportunities for businesses, institutions, communities and even homeowners to learn about microgrids and ask questions of experts. Registration is free.

Microgrid Knowledge will launch a three-day virtual microgrid conference June 1-3 that promises to gather the largest event audience to ever come together in a single place to learn about microgrid opportunities.

Microgrids as a Recovery Tool During Social and Economic Disruption,” which has drawn several thousand registrants, will feature real world examples of microgrids in action for a range of industries and services, among them healthcare, higher education, business, real estate, government, communities, utilities and transportation. Microgrid leaders will discuss the role microgrids play in providing reliable power, reducing energy costs and incorporating more clean energy onto the grid. 

 “Based on our registration figures, it appears that never before in one place will so many people have gathered to hear about microgrids directly from those who are developing, financing and operating them,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge.

Microgrid Knowledge is offering the conference free of charge to get the message out broadly about microgrids.

“As the Covid pandemic unfolded this spring, it became apparent that like other disasters, it underscores the need for reliable energy. And now, on top of the pandemic, we are layering the impending hurricane and wildfire seasons. All of this creates a sense of urgency to get more microgrids in operation,” Wood said.

The conference offers unique opportunities for businesses, institutions, communities and even homeowners to learn about microgrids and ask questions of experts. The audience can interact live with speakers in Q&A sessions following presentations.

Microgrid Knowledge encourages attendees to register early, given that signups are robust. (Register here.) Attendees may sign up for any or all sessions free of charge. 

Featuring 15 sessions with 50 speakers, the event will focus on:

  • June 1: The Health, Economic and Environmental Influences Giving Rise to Microgrids
  • June 2: Who Microgrids Serve: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution
  • June 3: How Microgrids Reduce Costs, Cut Carbon and Ensure Power Supply in Tough Times & Places

Microgrid Knowledge has postponed its annual live conference, originally scheduled for June 2-3, to November 18-20 because of COVID-19.

“When we realized that it was necessary to postpone our in-person conference, we discussed what we could do to serve our members at this difficult time. We are fortunate to have an online  content service with a broad reach and great partners with extensive knowledge on how to design, finance, build and operate microgrids. This made it possible to organize this global event so quickly. We are pleased with the support from the microgrid community and happy that so many people have signed up to learn how a microgrid will benefit their company, community or institution,” said Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge.

More details about the event and its agenda are available at Microgrid Knowledge Virtual Conference.

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