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Top Microgrid Perspectives Columns for 2021 — Most read guest articles

Dec. 20, 2021
Microgrid Knowledge publishes these weekly columns throughout the year. Our guests write about hot industry topics, trends, new technology and more. Read the 10 most popular Microgrid...
Nash Whitney, Director of Sales, Generac Power Solutions

Supply vs. Demand: The One-Million Megawatt Hour Opportunity

May 4, 2021
Nash Whitney, director of sales at Generac Power Solutions, explores how distributed generation and microgrids can provide grid flexibility, as evidenced during Winter Storm Uri...
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Distributed Generation ‘Important, Efficient and Economical’ for Reliable Operation of Electric Grid

Feb. 10, 2021
A new white paper from Generac explains why distributed generation is “important, efficient and economical” for the safe and reliable operation of the electric grid. The paper...
Jamie Smith, global vice president of business development, Generac commercial and industrial business unit

Natural Gas Generators: Not Only Relevant but Critical to Microgrids

Jan. 22, 2021
Generac’s Jamie Smith explores how natural gas generators integrated into a microgrid solution can allow for an environmental friendly alternative that will ensure system reliability...

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Hybrid Renewable Standalone Power System Energizes Isolated Customers

May 31, 2022
Learn how the Briceburg Remote Grid in Briceburg, California, provides remote customers a permanent, local decentralized energy source could lower fire ignition risks.
Generac Cover_2022-05-31_13-01-18

Microgrid with Propane Generator Ensures Resiliency for Residents

May 31, 2022
Download this case study from Generac that shows how they developed a cost effective and flexible solution that helps maximize resources to implement a long-term strategy aimed...

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Engine-Driven Generators Continue to Enable Application Flexibility for Microgrid Operations

Jan. 20, 2021
A new report, “Engine-driven Generators and their Criticality in Microgrids,” from Generace, explores the role engine-driven generators can play in microgrid operation today. ...

CleanSpark Achieves Impressive Payback with Home Microgrid; Sets Stage for Expansion

June 5, 2017
CleanSpark has completed a home microgrid with an impressive one-year payback, meeting the company’s expectations for its microgrid controller, which it now plans to use in a ...