Driving Resiliency Through Your Organization’s Energy Infrastructure

Feb. 1, 2023

Leaders in large corporations, government agencies, and other organizations face numerous challenges in running their day-to-day operations. For them, energy – the lifeblood of many organizations – has historically been seen as reliable, and occasional power outages considered an inevitable cost of doing business. However, these same organizations are starting to view energy and the associated risks and opportunities in a new light as power outages continue to impact their organizations and as new energy innovations make it to market. 

In recent years, major weather events, such as hurricanes and wildfires, have exposed vulnerabilities in our energy system that have left many without power for days or weeks, exacting a high cost in terms of lost productivity and quality of life. And the continued aging of grid infrastructure in the U.S., compounded by a lack of investment in new systems, will only lead to greater downtime.

These challenges and more, however, have emerged concurrently with a paradigm shift in organizations’ ability to leverage their own infrastructure and energy assets to manage and mitigate these risks. The price of many distributed energy technologies, such as solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage, has dropped precipitously over the last decade, placing them in price parity (or better) with grid-supplied energy.

This white paper from Ameresco explores ways in which government agencies, companies, and other organizations can leverage their energy infrastructure to minimize the adverse impacts of major events – in other words, become more resilient.

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