Microgrid Case Studies

A collection of microgrid case studies
Alencon Systems
Figure 1: An aerial photo the Mbogo Valley Tea Factory with the roof top PV array driving its newly installed DC Microgrid. The Microgrid helps the factory stay in operation even when it loses grid power. The photo also shows a few of the 10,288 outgrower tea fields in the area whose livelihoods are supported by the tea factory.

Case study: How a DC microgrid helps over 10,000 Kenyan tea growers bring their product to market

Oct. 31, 2022
Alencon’s String Power Optimizer and Transmitters (SPOTs) connect solar to battery energy storage in a DC microgrid that supports the operations of the Mbogo Valley Tea Factory...
Jeremy Christensen/Shutterstock.com
Dod Jeremy Christensen:shutterstock 1228210042

Building the case for the standardization of microgrid platforms for the DOD

Sept. 27, 2022
Xendee’s Michael Stadler and Zack Pecenak explore the benefits of rapid, repeatable modeling and design as demonstrated at three military installations.
(Photo: PXiSE Energy Solutions)
PXiSE Energy Solutions’ microgrid controller helped to electrify transit in Martha’s Vineyard. (Photo: PXiSE Energy Solutions)

Case study: How PXiSE’s microgrid controller optimizes Martha’s Vineyard microgrid

July 12, 2022
PXiSE Energy Solutions microgrid controller is a key component of the microgrid powering Martha’s Vineyard all-electric bus fleet, as described in this case study.
Image courtesy of Powersecure
Volvo Penta’s Tier 4 Final diesel engines are used by PowerSecure. Image courtesy of Powersecure

Case study: Disaster preparedness begins with reliable power

June 17, 2022
In February 2021, a winter storm left millions of residents without power and thousands of businesses unable to operate. But the important work conducted at AmerisourceBergen ...

Hybrid Renewable Standalone Power System Energizes Isolated Customers

May 31, 2022
Learn how the Briceburg Remote Grid in Briceburg, California, provides remote customers a permanent, local decentralized energy source could lower fire ignition risks.
Generac Cover_2022-05-31_13-01-18

Microgrid with Propane Generator Ensures Resiliency for Residents

May 31, 2022
Download this case study from Generac that shows how they developed a cost effective and flexible solution that helps maximize resources to implement a long-term strategy aimed...
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Lac Mégantic Microgrid Project

May 31, 2022
Download the case study from Smarter Grid Solutions that explains how tragedy, and the desire for a province wide energy transition, resulted in the Lac Mégantic microgrid concept...
Alencon Systems
AGU’s PV array at its Washington headquarters.

Case study: How Alencon Systems brought efficiency and sustainability to the American Geophysical Union’s microgrid project

Feb. 21, 2022
Alencon Systems played an integral role in an advanced microgrid project benefiting the American Geophysical Union’s (AGU) headquarters in Washington, D.C., a project that includes...
S&C worked to ramp up energy security, as well as demonstrate a cost-effective way to deploy a microgrid without accumulating substantial capital costs. (Photo: Courtesy of S&C Electric)

S&C Brings Resilience to Fort Belvoir: Case Study

Nov. 13, 2020
With national security on the line, resilient power is of utmost importance. S&C recently addressed a series of challenges at Fort Belvoir, Va., using its GridMaster Microgrid...

PowerSecure Provides Engineering, Procurement & Construction for Butler Farms Microgrid Upgrade

Aug. 15, 2019
A new farm microgrid in rural North Carolina, engineered, procured and constructed by PowerSecure, a Southern Company subsidiary, is gaining popularity and traction as model for...

Only through Standardization Can Microgrids Accelerate the Energy Transition

Jana Gerber, North America microgrid president at Schneider Electric discusses how standardizing microgrids will accelerate the energy transition.

Video Interviews

In this video from Microgrid 2017 in Boston, GE’s Jayant Kumar discusses the evolution of community microgrids and how they are “changing civilization.”

How Community Microgrids Have the Power to Change Civilization

Feb. 9, 2018
Jayant Kumar, global digital grids program director at GE Grid Solutions, discusses how microgrids can change civilization, and why every city planner should keep them top of ...

White Papers


Microgrid Business Models and Value Chains

June 9, 2017
The new energy industry is working to categorize the various types of microgrids and business models. The primary goal is to minimize microgrid system cost and funding. To learn...