Controller & Distributed Energy Resource Management System

May 6, 2021
Download this technical resource guide to learn more about mPulse.

mPulse is an energy management and supervisory control software platform that leverages standard protocols and interfaces (such as SunSpec, Modbus, DNP3, TCP/IP, XMPP, OpenADR 2.0b, JSON to name a few). CleanSpark’s system is designed to be technology agnostic and capable of integrating with a wide array of energy resources and management systems; cyber-physical security is built into all levels of CleanSpark’s technology. Behind the meter, mPulse’s proprietary algorithms use patented forecasting techniques as well as an internal energy market to optimize DER operation through changing conditions.

mPulse software is modular and supports energy systems from simple to complex. Our controls hardware comprises commercial-off-the-shelf products sourced from Tier 1, ISO 9000 vendors, which allows for plug-and-play implementation and is made to scale and evolve as your energy needs change over time. mPulse has dynamic monitoring and optimization capabilities; its algorithms monitor the conditions of your microgrid or energy system and respond quickly to maintain system integrity, maximize energy savings, and ensure future energy availability.

Operational Forecast
Using advanced modeling techniques and historical operational data, mPulse generates operational forecasts for solar production and projected facility load multiple times during each 15-minute utility billing interval. These forecasts are used to inform operational choices to optimize our customers’ chosen objectives, whether they be cost reduction, carbon reduction, or energy security. The longer an mPulse site is in operation, the more tuned our forecasts become, with our models learning from real-time monitoring and historical outcomes.