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Resiliency Now: Concord Engineering CEO Mike Fischette Highlights Decentralized Power at MGK 2024

Understanding microgrids and their benefits is only part of the equation, Fischette pointed out. Organizations must also develop critical skillsets to ensure that microgrids are...
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NY Green Bank Loans Catalyze $100M to Finance Community Solar Projects

Community solar offers an alternative and sometimes more accessible type of renewable energy. Some microgrid developers are interested in community solar as part of their projects...
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Bloom Energy Expanding Hydrogen Power Generation for Intel's Santa Clara Data Center

For Intel’s high-performance data center in Santa Clara, the answer became clear: expand on their existing hydrogen fuel cell infrastructure.
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Smart Inverter States: New Map Shows Progress of IEEE 1547-2018 Adoption

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) several years ago established its IEEE 1547-2018 standard on interconnection requirements for smart inverters. This...
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Microgrid Sector Firms Working Together on 150-MWh Battery Storage Project in NYC

Eaton is working with fellow microgrid and on-site power developer Endurant Energy to deploy 10 battery storage projects that are planned to help strengthen grid reliability in...
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Craft Solar: HES Renewables Building 1.03-MW Rooftop Array at San Diego Brewery

HES Renewables is building the 1.03-MW (1,032 kW) solar array with 2,400 panels across two large rooftops at the Ballast Point facility.

Great Quotations in Charm City: Notable Quotables from Microgrid Knowledge 2024 Conference in Baltimore

So we thought we would display a few of the most quoted quotes from Microgrid Knowledge 2024. For those who came we were thrilled to have you there. For those who couldn’t, we...
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A Technology Liftoff for CMBlu Flow Batteries that could Lower Microgrid Costs with Easily Sourced Components

Flow batteries are beginning to appear in microgrids, providing cost savings, long-duration storage and a U.S. supply chain. Two national laboratories are studying how CMBlu Energy...

Exploring the Potential of Community Microgrids Through Three Innovative Case Studies

Community microgrids represent a burgeoning solution to meet the energy needs of localized areas and regions. These microgrids are clusters of interconnected energy resources,...

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From EV Charging to Solar Thermal, Microgrids Seizing Moment

In this QuickChat video, Aron Bowman, president of ELM Microgrid and ELM Solar, discusses several of the most impactful growth areas he’s seeing in the microgrid market today....

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Making Sure Fiber Customer Turn-ups are Done Right the First Time

Fiber is being installed at a pace the industry has never seen before, with more deployments, more customer connections, and fewer people to do the skilled work. This FAQ takes...

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Microgrid Standardization Will Accelerate Much Needed Adoption

Demand for microgrids is growing in large part because they offer resilience for today’s energy needs. Microgrids are just one example of distributed energy resources. They generate...
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3 reasons your microgrid controls should be able to communicate in real time

Tom Poteet, vice president of corporate development at Mesa Solutions, outlines three things a microgrid controller should be able to do: accept control commands, engage in site...