Unlocking New Revenue and Stabilising Large Electric Grids with Energy Storage

May 29, 2020
Download this report from ABB and learn how Grid Edge Solutions use microgrid functionalities to make it possible to make smarter investments in your network.

ABB Grid Edge Solutions provide unique high-value services that can unlock new revenue for your network. These services, including black start, fast power injection, virtual inertia, fault current injection, seamless islanding, and voltage control are a few of the ways that ABB is leading the way in pioneering new solutions that keep electricity flowing.

A recent project in South Australia, delivered for the state’s high-voltage transmission network owner ElectraNet, demonstrates how ABB’s e-mesh™\ Automation and Control solutions work together with ABB PowerStore™ to operate as a Virtual Synchronous Machine to provide virtual inertia to strengthen the network. PowerStore further unlocks the power of battery energy storage with its Virtual Generator Mode to improve reliability and resilience in the network.

The project brings in new revenue streams from both improving network operations and selling services in energy markets. With ABB’s e-mesh solution powering the Dalrymple BESS, the Energy Storage for Commercial Renewable Integration (ESCRI) project drastically reduced outages from 8 hours down to 30 minutes within its first six months of operation. The solution improved local network reliability to minimise renewable curtailment, maximise reliability, and reduce operating costs.