NRG Renewable Energy

NRG: Renewable Energy

Aug. 24, 2016
As renewable energy solutions take hold, a natural offshoot is that becomes easier for new companies to visualize how a solution can work and more efficient to implement them. In other words the process to identify, visualize and embrace renewable energy is now quicker and more self-evident that ever. Another factor is the range of solar technologies and approaches now being put in place.
Attention and promise is one thing – true growth and value is another. Today, renewable energy has clearly landed on the second half of this equation. Once the domain of well-meaning early adopters, renewable approaches now involve a broader array of practices, products and technologies put in place by an ever-expanding roster of ROI-driven companies.

To deliver those solutions, NRG Energy has created a separate business unit, NRG Renew. Already, its list of designed-and-delivered projects spans a diverse range of customers – from hospitality to agriculture – ranging from hundred megawatt utility-scale renewables to off grid power solutions employing small wind turbines and batteries.

In the hospitality industry, the NRG Renew team has recently equipped two of the world’s leading hotel chains, Starwood Hotel & Resorts and MGM Resorts International, with iconic solar solutions.