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Military Microgrids: Four Examples of Innovation

Dec. 3, 2019
It’s not surprising that military microgrids in the US demonstrate some of the most sophisticated and innovative uses of distributed energy. After all, they are designed with ...


Designing Microgrids: Evaluating Parameters for Reliable, Cost-Effective and Optimized Power Solutions

Dec. 7, 2023
Shawn Dalke electrical engineer at Mesa Solutions discusses load profiles and power sources for microgrids.
Photo by Rocky Grimes/
Photo by Rocky Grimes/

Alaska, Model of Microgrid Development, Delivers Resiliency in Cold, Remote Conditions

July 16, 2019
Alaska’s challenges — cold weather and the high cost of delivered energy — are part of the reason the state is a model of innovative microgrid development, with the largest number...
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What Articles on Microgrid Knowledge are Capturing the Most Attention?

July 5, 2019
The most read Microgrid Knowledge articles for the first half of 2019 tell the story of an industry attracting larger players and building more sophisticated projects, particularly...
Shayne Willette, research analyst, energy, Navigant Research

New Microgrid Tracker Identifies 575 More Projects; Rise of Asia Pacific Market

June 27, 2019
Shayne Willette, research analyst, energy, at Navigant Research, highlights the latest data from the company’s microgrid tracker, which tracks microgrids around the world and ...
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What are non-wires alternatives?

June 21, 2019
Non-wires alternatives are increasingly used by utilities to avoid or delay construction of more costly ‘wires and poles’ infrastructure. But what exactly are they? Read on as...

InfraRed Capital Partners and Navigant Form Microgrid Development and Finance Company: Compass Energy Platform

May 15, 2019
Two globally-recognized market leaders – InfraRed Capital Partners and Navigant Consulting — today announced the formation of a new distributed energy finance and development ...

Microgrids “Shining Light” for US in World Energy Markets: Report

April 26, 2019
US growth lags globally when it comes to technologies used in electricity delivery and management with one exception — the microgrid market — says a new AEE report.

Microgrid Policy: What Really Needs to be Done?

April 19, 2019
Navigant’s Peter Asmus provides an overview of US microgrid policy and identifies what’s most needed to drive microgrid adoption. Asmus will be presenting these ideas at a special...