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Don Wingate, VP of utility and microgrid solutions, Schneider Electric

Sustaining the Future of Indoor Vertical Farming with Microgrids

June 15, 2020
The uncertainty of today’s global pandemic has accelerated a rethinking of the way we obtain our food. Schneider Electric’s Don Wingate discusses how microgrids can help the indoor...

Propane Is a Sustainable Choice for Growing Microgrid Need

July 2, 2024
Construction professionals rely on propane’s lower emissions and enhanced resiliency
Andy Haun, senior vice president and chief technology officer, microgrids, Schneider Electric

Microgrid Design: Ensuring Accurate Modeling when Incorporating Energy Management Systems

March 2, 2020
Energy management systems (EMS) both enhance and complicate microgrid design. Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun explains what it takes to ensure that modeling reflects actual outcomes...
By Mark Rademaker/

Rural Neighborhood Chooses Off-Grid Microgrids Instead of Paying the Utility

Jan. 20, 2020
For the Silvies Valley Ranch outside of Burns, Oregon, off-grid microgrids for each of 600 homes under development makes more financial sense than paying the local utility $7 ...
Andy Haun, senior vice president and chief technology officer, microgrids, Schneider Electric

Microgrids: Achieving Reliable Power for Our Most Critical Facilities

Dec. 16, 2019
As recent events have shown, power outages don’t discriminate, which puts hospitals and their patients at grave risk. Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun explores how healthcare microgrids...

Using Local Generation to Improve Data Center Resilience and Sustainability

Sept. 16, 2019
Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun explores how to use local generation to improve efficiency, resiliency and sustainability — specifically in the colocation and data center industries...
Local fruit market in Ondo, Nigeria. Photo by By Jordi C/

Schneider Electric Signs Agreement to Spur Minigrid Electrification in Nigeria

July 3, 2019
Nigeria has the world’s second largest population of people that lack electrification. Schneider Electric and EM-ONE Energy Solutions have joined forces to change that with minigrids...

Schneider Electric & AlphaStruxure Talk Local Production, Efficient Consumption, Smart Acquisition

July 2, 2019
In an interview with Juan Macias, CEO of AlphaStruxure, and Mark Feasal, vice president, smart grid, Schneider Electric, we learn about the microgrid and local energy strategies...
Andy Haun, senior vice president and chief technology officer, microgrids, Schneider Electric

How Microgrid Infrastructure Will Enable the Electrification of Transportation

June 3, 2019
As electric vehicles (EV) become more affordable, they’re on track to make up nearly a third of new-car sales by the end of the next decade. To achieve the promise of greener ...