New Video: Beyond Resilience in the Age of Extremes

Sept. 14, 2021
There are six ways to simultaneously enhance resilience, decarbonize and improve everyday operations and affordability. A video from Hoffman Power Consulting explains how.

How can we enhance resilience, decarbonize and enhance electricity affordability — all with the same solution? Find out in a new video from Hoffman Power Consulting.

The age of extremes

Our world is changing; we seem to have entered an age of extremes. As we’ve all seen, hurricanes are increasing in frequency and intensity. Unprecedented wildfire seasons are destroying communities and forcing lengthy evacuations. Winter storms are pressing southward into unhardened infrastructures.

In these extreme conditions, the electric power system becomes even more important: It supports other critical infrastructures, including water, telecommunications, health care, financial services and more.

Resilience, decarbonization and affordability

Realizing this, many utilities are striving to enhance the resilience of the grid to extreme events. Many utilities are also working to decarbonize the electric power system. At the same time, all utilities strive to further improve business-as-usual, or “blue sky,” operations and affordability of electricity.

Most industry stakeholders view these as three independent challenges — with separate solutions. But what if there was a single solution that could address all three? What is this mysterious “supersolution”?

Can you guess the six supersolutions?

Well, in fact, there are six ways to simultaneously enhance resilience, decarbonize and improve everyday operation and affordability. This video describes these solutions and how each of them achieves this trifecta of benefits. Before you watch the video, can you guess the six solutions? Can you guess the last, most important one?

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Steve Hoffman is president and CEO of Hoffman Power Consulting. If you’re interested in reading more on resilience, visit Hoffman Power Consulting.

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