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Electrifying Parking Lots: How to Maximize Revenue, Forecast ROI, Accelerate Design-to-Build Timelines

Oct. 3, 2023
Discover how to overcome the challenges of developing reliable EV charging stations at the scale needed to charge the coming surge of electric vehicles. Learn how to confidently evaluate prospective charging sites, gain funding and start building.

EV charging-equipped parking is potentially paved with economic opportunity. But it’s not as easy as installing fast charging and plugging into the grid — the load increases significantly. Renewable distributed energy-powered EV charging stations are the solution. 

In this white paper, learn from leading experts who share their experience, a time-saving tool and an informative use case to help you evaluate renewably powered EV charging sites, demonstrate project value and successfully create the charging infrastructure needed to cut carbon. 

Download this white paper to learn how to:

  • Maximize charging station revenue
  • Forecast ROI
  • Accelerate design-to-build timelines

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