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Biodiesel Usage in Cummins Engines: Standby Power Genset Applications

Feb. 22, 2024
Decarbonization efforts worldwide have driven demand for biodiesel in recent years. Learn more about these efforts and trends and what they may mean for your power journey.

Lifecycle, or cradle to grave greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions analysis demonstrates that biodiesel usage enables reductions of around 40–86% vs. fossil diesel fuel. These environmental as well as other regulatory factors are driving the use of biodiesel into applications that traditionally saw little  usage. One such application is standby power generation. Historically, standby power generation equipment makers avoided recommending biodiesel due to the intermittent operation of the  equipment and unstable nature of the fuel for long term storage. This document details some considerations and risks surrounding the use of biodiesel blend fuels in standby power generation applications.


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