Ask the Expert: Applying Digital Twin Technology at the Microgrid Level

March 11, 2024

Digital twin simulation technologies are taking distributed energy resource (DER) asset analysis and microgrid management to the next level as we strive for power sector innovation and optimization.   

Fortune Business Insights projects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.2% in the size of the global microgrid market during the 2022 to 2029 forecast period. This growth is fueled by an increasing focus on energy resilience, rising demand for decentralized power systems and renewable energy asset integration, and continuing advancements in microgrid technology. The same factors are sparking demand for solutions that will facilitate microgrid and DER asset control and integration into traditional electric systems.  

Digital-twin simulation technologies provide one such solution. They can model asset performance, test control system logic and evaluate system alterations, all without disrupting live operations. Digital twins also can help asset owners and operators reduce capital and operating costs, train their workforce and increase safety, compliance, and productivity. Smart grid extension models for the digital twin create holistic, quasi-steady state simulations of DERs interacting with the grid. 

In addition, the Ovation Green portfolio includes an integrated asset management and SCADA software package that provides real-time demand forecasting, operational visibility and analytics across a microgrid or distribution system network encompassing a single generator up to a fleet of DERs. Centralized microgrid/SCADA management also enables applications ranging from engineering and monitoring to cybersecurity protection and NERC-CIP compliance assessment to function in the cloud.  

Learn how digital twin simulation technology can help microgrid and DER asset owners and operators optimize their operations from generation to delivery.

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