QuickChat: Exploring Innovations in Microgrid Technology and Sustainable Energy Solutions: A Conversation with Aron Bowman

April 23, 2024
Join Rod Walton and Aron Bowman, President of ELM MicroGrid and ELM Solar, as they discuss various aspects of microgrid adoption and new technologies.

Rod Walton, managing editor of Microgrid Knowledge, interviews Aron Bowman, president of ELM MicroGrid and ELM Solar, discussing various aspects of microgrid adoption and new technologies. They delve into the evolving landscape of microgrids, highlighting their growth in areas like EV charging infrastructure, municipal utilities, and renewable thermal solutions. Bowman elaborates on the challenges faced by EV charger deployments, emphasizing the interconnect challenge as a major obstacle. He also discusses the value of microgrids in supporting EV markets by integrating renewable energy sources and managing site demand. The conversation extends to the unique technology of Virtue Hot HD, a solar thermal solution offering alternatives to traditional PV systems, showcasing its application at Creighton University. Bowman emphasizes the importance of combining heat and power (CHP) systems with renewables like solar and energy storage to optimize efficiency and move closer to net-zero energy goals. Overall, the discussion highlights the innovative approaches and partnerships driving advancements in microgrid technology and sustainable energy solutions.