QuickChat: Enhancing Grid Stability with Distributed Energy Resources

July 9, 2024

Rod Walton, managing editor of Microgrid Knowledge, hosts a conversation with Jason Petermeier, Chief Operating Officer of ELM MicroGrid and ELM Solar. They discuss ELM's role in the energy transition, focusing on distributed energy resources (DERs) and microgrid deployment. Jason highlights ELM's diverse projects, such as implementing renewable energy solutions in Caribbean islands and commercial spaces, which significantly reduce reliance on diesel generators and enhance grid stability. They delve into the challenges and solutions of integrating renewable energy into the grid, emphasizing the importance of energy storage systems for managing fluctuations and ensuring reliable power supply. Jason also touches on innovations in smart grid technology, the critical role of energy management systems (EMS), and the increasing relevance of cybersecurity in protecting energy infrastructure. The discussion underscores the pivotal role of DERs and advanced technology in creating a sustainable and resilient energy future.

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Screenshot from video by Kim Hutton/Endeavor Business Media
Screenshot image/Video by Kim Hutton/Endeavor Business Media