RFP: Southern California Edison Seeks Energy Efficiency, Demand Response…

Oct. 13, 2013
Southern California Edison issued a request for proposals seeking energy efficiency, demand response, energy storage and other resources to meet a local capacity requirement.

Southern California Edison (SCE) launched a request for proposals for local capacity requirements (LCR) for resources that will help enhance the reliability of the power grid in specific geographic locations.

SCE is seeking new resources to replace aging gas-fired power generation resources that use ocean water (also known as “once-through cooling,” or OTC) for keeping equipment at the correct temperature because California water regulations require those power plants to reduce their reliance on ocean water or permanently close.

Through this solicitation, SCE seeks to secure much-needed capacity from a variety of resources in the West Los Angeles Basin and Ventura/Santa Barbara geographic regions to replace the retiring OTC resources. Products solicited in the request include:

  • Demand response solutions
  • Energy efficiency programs and products
  • Energy storage technologies
  • Power from renewable energy resources, such as solar, wind, small hydro, biomass/biogas and geothermal
  • Distributed generation, such as photovoltaic solar panels on the rooftops of commercial buildings
  • Generation from industrial combined heat-and-power systems
  • Gas-fired generation

Proposals are due by Dec. 16, 2013.

See additional solicitations for energy efficiency and related technologies here.
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