Using AI to Shrink Crypto’s Carbon Footprint

Sept. 7, 2022
Learn how artificial intelligence and a renewable energy powered microgrid can reduce the carbon footprint of one of the dirtiest industries – cryptocurrency.

When it comes to energy-intensive industries, cryptocurrency is one of the worst. Mining for just one of the many popular cryptocurrencies, global Bitcoin, requires seven times as much energy as Google requires for all of its operations. This presents an enormous challenge: How can mining operations be both good corporate stewards and keep pace with industry growth?

In this white paper, you’ll learn how artificial intelligence and a renewable energy powered microgrid provides reliable, sustainable power to an industrial-scale cryptocurrency mining facility, while also significantly reducing its carbon footprint. First, the paper outlines the challenge for this case and why designing microgrids for emerging industries is so hard.

Next, the author explains how the best microgrid configuration was selected for the mining facility, including the factors used to model the performance and how it optimized the performance of the microgrid. Finally, the paper presents key takeaways and the benefits of understanding the trade-offs between power generation and storage.