Once Educated, Voters Favor Microgrids: Survey

Feb. 15, 2023

US voters favor increased use of microgrids, with strong support outpacing opposition by more than two to one, according to a new bipartisan poll released by the non-profit Civil Society Institute (CSI).

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that most of those surveyed initially felt they didn’t know enough about microgrids to make a judgment.

Conducted during the 2022 midterm elections — November 6-8 — the national poll reflects the opinions of 1,200 people who voted or intended to do so.

Initially, more than half (53%) of those surveyed by Lake Research Partners said they did not know enough about microgrids to determine if they should be used more. But after participants were provided with a definition of microgrids, 56% favored their use, with strong support outpacing opposition by more than two to one.

"The public stands ready to embrace renewable microgrids once they learn about them,” said Andrea Camp. CSI’s Camp, director, Solutions Voter Project. “It is our hope that solutions-oriented policymakers at all levels convene, educate and advance this common sense and practical solution to secure our power grid from extreme weather events and assaults from terrorists and criminals.”

College educated men and Democrats favored microgrids the strongest once informed about them, as did near seniors, college educated women and independent voters. But support emerged across a range of demographics.

The survey is part of a larger effort by CSI to find common ground and pragmatic solutions to complex problems. The organization focuses on what it calls “solutions voters,” defined as optimistic, can-do problem solvers who tend to drive clean energy issues. 

CSI has been tracking microgrids for five years, using a bipartisan research team, Vince Breglio & Associates (Republican) Lake Research Partners (Democrat). Earlier research identified bipartisan support for the technology.

The November survey also found a rise in the number of voters undecided about microgrids compared with an earlier survey, which underscores the need to educate the public more about microgrid benefits, according to CSI.

"Voters are waiting, and they want to know more," Camp said.

See CSI Microgrid Survey Results Dec. 2022.

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