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Five Keys to Effectively Managing the Power Grid with AI

May 5, 2021
Veritone presents five artificial intelligence-powered solutions that help those in the electric power industry enhance grid resilience, increase the rate of decarbonization, and improve affordability of delivered electricity. 

The electric power industry currently faces three key challenges: the need for increased resilience in the face of natural disasters like wildfires and extreme weather, increased pressure to reduce carbon output, and cost containment. Artificial intelligence offers solutions to address all of these challenges, resulting in a cleaner, more reliable, and efficient grid.

AI-powered solutions will benefit a number of aspects of energy generation management and management. AI is capable of processing the vast amounts of data generated by distributed renewables, in real-time. It can also help with distributed energy storage by optimizing the control of individual battery energy systems. Electric vehicles, demand response, and microgrids can also benefit from the integration of artificial intelligence solutions.

In this white paper, Veritone describes how artificial intelligence can connect green generation and storage assets to create an interconnected, on-demand, secure, and autonomous electrical grid.