Microgrids for Agriculture: Simple and Practical Energy Solutions

April 5, 2022
In this video, a panel of industry experts explore the energy challenges facing the agriculture industry, including the need for energy reliability and clean power generation.

Energy reliability and the rising costs of electricity are among the energy challenges facing food growers and producers today. These challenges are driving the need for simple and practical solutions that provide the agriculture industry with on-site, clean power generation. An energy-as-a-service microgrid offers a simple solution for the industry, but what is energy-as-a-service? How do you know if it’s a good fit for your company?

In this video, Microgrid Knowledge and a team of industry experts explore the energy concerns that growers and producers of food must address, including the need for energy reliability, managing higher energy costs and the drive towards clean power generation. The panel features experts from Western Growers, California League of Food Producers and GreenStruxure and is moderated by Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge.

The panel offers insights and examples of successful on-site power generation and microgrids used in the food industry. They also look at how to make it easier for agricultural companies and producers to adopt microgrids.

In this educational panel discussion, you’ll learn:

  • What the typical components of a microgrid and related forms of on-site generation are.
  • How energy as a service might improve your productivity and cost structure.
  • To recognize the common criteria needed to determine if your company is a good fit for an energy-as-a-service solution.

The video includes a question and answer session that was recorded during the live webinar.

Featured speakers include:

This video, recorded in March of 2022, is a part of Microgrid Knowledge’s webinar series featuring industry experts discussing a variety of topics relevant to microgrids. Look for more great premium video content from Microgrid Knowledge, ​​the largest site in the world dedicated to all things microgrid.