Load Flexibility: The New Grid Zeitgeist

Sept. 20, 2021
Learn how load flexibility is the new grid zeitgeist with the rise of microgrids, virtual power plants and energy storage.

Use of flexible distributed energy resources (DERs) and flexible load is growing in sophistication with the rise of microgrids, virtual power plants and energy storage. What new breakthroughs have we seen and what’s ahead? In this video, you’ll learn about a study recently completed by Brattle Group around the national potential for load flexibility and demand response capabilities. Bill Blevins will share how ERCOT is using demand response and DER in their market. Then, Corey Amthor of Enchanted Rock shares insights on resiliency will impact the energy transition.

James Rilett, global director of innovation for S&P Global Platts, serves as moderator for this panel discussion.

Featured speakers include:

Bill Blevins, Director of Grid Coordination, ERCOT

Ryan Hledik, Principal, Brattle Group

Ahmad Faruqui, Principal, Brattle Group

Corey Amthor, President, Enchanted Rock

This video was recorded during Microgrid 2020 Global, a virtual gathering of microgrid leaders, advocates, and thinkers from seven continents. Held in November of 2020, the editors at Microgrid Knowledge gathered the industry at a pivotal event designed to set a goal for microgrid growth over the next decade. Although this was previously recorded, you’ll find many of the examples and insights are timeless in their strategic value.

The three-day event featured over 90 speakers and 27 educational sessions. Designed by the editors of Microgrid Knowledge, the one-of-a-kind event covered news and trends in microgrid market development, technology, business models, financing and policy. Topics covered during the event include how microgrids can make or save you money, residential microgrids, and solutions to microgrid engineering and technical challenges.

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