Utilities at the Forefront: Microgrids for Resilience, Customer Service, Cost Savings & Sustainability

Aug. 22, 2021
In this video, we explore how electric company involvement in the deployment of microgrids can maximize the benefits of microgrids and improve the reliability of the grid.

In this video, we explore how the deployment of utility microgrids can maximize the benefits of microgrids and improve the reliability of the grid. Bennett Chabot of Pacific Gas & Electric discusses the strategy for high-impact microgrids by California’s largest utility. Chuck Hookham of CMS Energy / Consumers Energy looks at owning and operating a microgrid for utility and customer education. Juan Rodriquez of Commonwealth Edison shows how a Chicago community and utility are joining forces to achieve energy.

Lola Infante, senior director, clean energy technology and policy for Edison Electric Institute, serves as moderator for this session.

Featured speakers include:

Bennett Chabot, Principal Product Manager, Grid Innovation, Pacific Gas & Electric Company

Chuck Hookham, Executive Director, CMS Energy

Juan Rodriguez, Principal Project Manager, ComEd

This video was recorded during Microgrids as a Recovery Tool During Social and Economic Disruption, a three-day virtual conference held in June of 2020. The conference featured opportunities for businesses, institutions, communities, and homeowners to learn how microgrids aid society during periods of disruption – from pandemics to storms to economic downturns. The conference also featured a number of real world examples that showed microgrids in action. Although this was previously recorded, you’ll find many of the examples and insights are timeless in their strategic value.

With more than 50 speakers and 15 different sessions, the event covered three key areas:

  • The Health, Economic and Environmental Influences Giving Rise to Microgrids
  • Who Microgrids Serve: From Business to Education to the Clean Energy Revolution
  • How Microgrids Reduce Costs, Cut Carbon and Ensure Power Supply in Tough Times & Places

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