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Today’s microgrid revolution has brought greater energy reliability, cost savings and sustainability to commercial and industrial facilities. But the household was largely left out of the equation—until now.  The Instant ON nanogrid offers a simple but robust microgrid solution designed not only for businesses, but also the home. Instant ON partners with solar contractors and their customers to help them take the guesswork out of system design and optimization with a vetted and tested nanogrid solution. For more information, contact: [email protected]

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Stationary Fuel Cells: A Microgrid Gap Solution for Today and the Zero-Carbon Future

Sept. 24, 2021
A new special report from Instant ON and Bosch is designed to teach the basics of fuel cells to microgrid developers and service professionals. The report covers how fuel cells...
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Nanogrids: A New Opportunity for the Solar Industry

July 21, 2020
Solar energy has the ability to provide immense benefit to society and the grid. But solar’s full potential isn’t being fully realized. Get the new report designed to help boost...