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Connecting Distribution Centers to the Grid

April 21, 2021
Generac explores energy optimization at distribution centers and the economics of monetizing generators by connecting them to the grid, making them a valuable revenue source.

When generators are a key component in a distribution center’s comprehensive energy management program, and more than just an insurance policy, they can actually become a valuable revenue source by offsetting capital expenditures through a reduction in operating expenses.

Typically, 15% of a distribution center’s operating expenses come from energy costs. But with better generator utilization, these critical businesses can reduce their total energy expenditures through programs such as peak shaving and demand response. They can also provide the critical grid support services required by the aging US infrastructure.

Working with an experienced partner that can provide a thorough techno economic analysis can help distribution centers identify the proper generator to reduce operating expenses and offset capital expenses.

Standby generators provide resiliency by protecting inventory and keeping critical operations running during a power outage, but this new report from Generac shows the importance of looking beyond standby installations.