Grid Stability from Siemens…NY DER Consumer Protections…Engie in Africa

Oct. 20, 2017
Siemens mobile solution adds grid stability for Dominion…NY creates first distributed energy consumer protections…Engie acquires Fenix to help expand African electrification
Siemens mobile solution adds grid stability for Dominion

Siemens is providing Dominion Energy with a new mobile tool to create grid stability during disturbances and faults. Called the Mobile SVC STATCOM, the technology provides fast and controlled reactive power.

The Virginia-based utility will be able to move the device anywhere grid support is needed, which is an advantage during surprise outages.

The mobile technology allows utilities to avoid installation of permanent substations that can take years to plan and build. In contrast, STATCOM technology can be moved within days.

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“By using this device, Dominion Energy is meeting today’s need to maintain reliability but also prepare their transmission system for future challenges,” said Nicolas Sanloup, head of Siemens Transmission Solutions. “Siemens is proud to bring this industry-leading solution to Dominion Energy to help them navigate an ever changing energy landscape and provide greater reliability to their consumers.”

The substation technology will also help Dominion Energy manage the growing number of renewable and distributed energy resources on its power grid. As these generation sources come online, they often change how a traditional grid operates. Temporary STATCOM installation helps enhance grid stability, giving the utility sufficient time to plan for renewables on its system. The substation technology also responds to any faults on the transmission network within milliseconds.

Siemens expects to deliver the first mobile device in mid-2018.

NY creates first consumer protection rules for distributed energy

New York regulators have created the first protection rules for consumers using distributed energy resources (DERs).

The New York State Public Service Commission set registration requirements, a standard disclosure statement, detailed marketing requirements, rules for handling customer inquiries and complaints, and penalties for any violations.

The rules apply to residential rooftop solar, on-site generation for small business, large community-solar projects or other community distributed generation.

“While DERs are creating a cleaner and more resilient power system here in New York, we must ensure that consumers are protected from fraud and dishonest marketing, protecting consumers as well as the integrity of the budding DER markets,” said John Rhodes, commission chair.

For more details, go  to the commission documents section of the commission’s website and enter Case Number 15-M-0180 in the input box labeled “Search for Case/Matter Number.”

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Engie acquires Fenix to help expand African electrification

Engie has acquired Fenix, a solar company based in Uganda, expanding the French energy giant’s efforts to electrify Africa.

This investment will contribute to Engie’s goal of providing 20 million people around the world with access to decarbonized, decentralized energy by 2020, using the latest digital technologies. Fenix already has delivered solar power to over 900,000 people in East Africa.

“By joining forces with Engie – one of the world’s largest independent utility companies with a firm commitment to a decentralized, decarbonized and digital energy revolution – we will greatly accelerate the path to our vision,” said Lyndsay Handler, CEO of Fenix International.”

The World Bank has estimated that up to 99 million households, more than a third of those that are off-grid, will rely on home solar by 2020, with the market growing fastest in Africa.

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