T&D World Conference and Exhibition to feature utility microgrid Oct. 6

Sept. 9, 2022
Interested in learning about distribution microgrids from a utility microgrid leader? Come to the inaugural T&D World Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina, Oct. 5-7.

Interested in learning about distribution microgrids from a utility microgrid leader? Come to the inaugural T&D World Conference and Exhibition in Charlotte, North Carolina, Oct. 5-7.

The microgrid presentation, “Duke Energy Distribution Microgrids — Inverter-based Resources,” is one of dozens of sessions on pivotal technologies and issues in the energy sphere, including preparing for growing demand from electric vehicles, resilience strategies and resource requirements for a future grid.

T&D World Conference and Exhibition offers an opportunity for power delivery companies and solution providers to discuss their challenges, their wins and losses, as well as their future plans while they navigate an industry in transition — one being influenced by the race to decarbonize, new federal and state regulations, Mother Nature’s wrath, the need for upgraded and new infrastructure, changing customer behavior, electrification and much more.  

More than 60 industry experts will present in the four general sessions and 33 breakout sessions that will be offered over the three-day event. Nearly 40 of these presenters represent electric utilities.

Technical tours

The conference program begins at 1:30 p.m. local time on Wednesday, Oct. 5, but the event kicks off at 9 a.m. Wednesday morning with two technical tours. One tour showcases Duke Energy’s Emerging Technology Center, which is a testing ground for projects that will help modernize the electric grid – everything from near-term and existing technologies, such as home and utility storage batteries, electric vehicle charging and solar, to longer-term projects that focus on technologies that don’t yet exist at the commercial scale. Not only is Duke Energy hosting a technical tour, but the Charlotte-based utility is also serving as the event’s host utility.

A guided tour of the Electric Power Research Institute’s (EPRI) Charlotte Transmission and Substation laboratory is also scheduled for Wednesday morning. Attendees will see T&D equipment testing in action. The lab focuses on sensor development and unique research for overhead and underground assets. One demonstration test investigates the behavior of underground cables, another investigates performance of advanced overhead conductors at high temperature and under tension. Those attending this tour will receive an up-close view of how this testing is done and will have an opportunity for questions and answers with an EPRI team member.

The technical tours are free for utility attendees and $50 for non-utility full-conference attendees; however, they require advanced registration: https://events.tdworld.com/tdw2022/registration.

Preconference seminars

In addition to the technical tours, the event also offers two, three-hour preconference seminars, both beginning at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

The Accelerated Learning Forum focused on Spatial Analytics for a Resilient Grid is the first live event of a monthly series that began in July with virtual sessions. The Accelerated Learning Forum was created by Utility Analytics Institute and T&D World content experts, with the help of founding partner Utiligent. It brings utilities together to collaborate on building a successful business case around spatial analytics, which can improve grid resilience and reliability. This face-to-face preconference seminar will allow attendees to share their knowledge, learn from experts in this space, and collaborate and exchange information with other utilities.

A preconference seminar aimed at bringing together fleet owners and electric utilities will also be offered on Wednesday morning. T&D World editorial staff worked with editors from Fleet Owner magazine, another Endeavor Business Media brand, to create a face-to-face event that will put fleet owners, commercial electric vehicle manufacturers, utilities and other stakeholders in the same room to get a better understanding of each other’s needs and barriers to electrifying fleet vehicles. The event will include presentations, as well as enough time for questions, answers and discussion.

Attendees must register for these events separate from the T&D World Conference and Exhibition. Pricing and additional session and speaker details are available at https://events.tdworld.com/tdw2022/Program.


The T&D World Conference and Exhibition was created by an advisory board compiled of industry subject matter experts. These individuals helped T&D World’s editors create sessions based on the latest trends and technologies. Conference goers will hear subject matter experts talk about the dramatic changes occurring in the power industry, where it’s heading next, and what new solutions, technologies and processes will facilitate the industry’s transition. T&D World Conference and Exhibition’s intimate, nimble conference sessions will provide opportunities for attendees to ask questions and discuss what’s challenging them the most.

They will hear panel discussions, use cases and formal presentations about the latest trends and cutting-edge technology. The schedule also includes ample networking opportunities for casual conversation with colleagues and peers.

The conference content is extensive and can’t be adequately covered in this article, but session and speaker details about the general and breakout sessions are available on the event website.

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