Top Industry Perspective Columns for 2019 — Most Read Guest Articles

Dec. 27, 2019
Whether you are just discovering these thought pieces, or if you have been following them over the course of the year, read on for the top 10 Industry Perspective columns on Microgrid Knowledge for 2019.

Have we fully explored the potential of community microgrids? What does California’s changing energy landscape mean for microgrids and the energy industry? How should you get started on your next microgrid project? These are just a few questions explored in the most popular Industry Perspective columns on Microgrid Knowledge in 2019.

These microgrid columns were the brainchildren of energy leaders like Ameresco, EnelX, Veolia, Schneider Electric, S&C Electric, Siemens and Concord Engineering.

Microgrid Knowledge readers have access to weekly Industry Perspective columns throughout the year — guest articles, case studies and more from thought leaders across the micrgrid and clean energy industry.

Whether you are just discovering these guest pieces on Microgrid Knowledge, or if you have been following them over the course of the year, see below for the top 1o Industry Perspective columns  for 2019 all in one place, starting with the most read.

1. Community Microgrids with Energy Storage: Cost Effective and Clean — Ameresco

Ameresco energy storage VP Jacqueline DeRosa highlights how the dropping price of energy storage has positioned communities to take advantage of new microgrid models. Community microgrids with energy storage serve to enhance grid reliability, security and efficiency.

2. California’s Changing Utility Rate Schedules Create an Opportunity for Energy Storage — EnelX

With the realization that the price of energy storage continues to drop and the technology has advanced, local communities are well positioned to pursue new microgrid models to enhance grid reliability and security while utilizing local renewable power more effectively. Terry Holtz, manager, technical sales at Enel X, offers insight on how California’s changing utility rate schedules and distributed energy storage landscape are creating opportunities for energy storage.

Solar rooftops are an increasingly common in California and energy storage is a companion technology. Photo by Simone Hogan/

3. How to Get Started on Your Microgrid Project — Ameresco

Ameresco’s vice president of microgrid services, Will Agate, describes the process of getting started on your microgrid project — the very first step of which is to carefully consider and define the needs of your organization and its community.

4. The Future of AI in Facility Management — Veolia 

Veolia explores the importance of AI in modern facility management. What do our future smart buildings look like? If there is one thing we know from working in smart buildings, it is how rapidly technology advances.

5. A Case in Point of the First Utility-Operated Microgrid Cluster in the United States — Siemens

Siemens’ Clark Wiedetz offers a lens into the first utility-operated microgrid cluster in the U.S., a Commonwealth Edison project on Chicago’s South Side that uses Siemens microgrid software.

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6. Micro or Mini: There’s a Grid Type for Every Energy Need — Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun highlights the growing microgrid options for communities, businesses and institutions today. Microgrids or minigrids? Haun breaks it down.

7. Microgrids: An Innovative Solution for Meeting DoD Energy Resiliency Requirements — S&C Electric

Stephanie Pine, manager, federal business, at S&C Electric, explores how the Department of Defense is approaching its energy resiliency goals. DoD microgrids are part of the energy resiliency strategy.

8. Why Microgrids? The Evolving Energy Landscape — Concord Engineering

Concord Engineering Group’s Joe Sullivan walks readers through the evolving landscape that is bringing about energy independence. This shift involves a reshaping of our approach to producing and delivering electric power and answers the question: Why microgrids?

9. How Microgrid Infrastructure Will Enable the Electrification of Transportation — Schneider Electric

As electric vehicles (EV) become more affordable, they’re on track to make up nearly a third of new-car sales by the end of the next decade. To achieve the promise of greener and more affordable transportation, the industry requires flexible energy systems, such as microgrids, to provide a reliable energy infrastructure for EV. Schneider Electric’s Andy Haun explores the role microgrid infrastructure will have in the electrification of transportation.

10. How to Improve Energy Management of Your Water and Wastewater Treatment Facility — Veolia 

Mike Byrnes, CEO of Veolia North America, discusses how to improve energy efficiency and resiliency, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and access new revenue streams for water and wastewater treatment facilities.

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