Microgrid 2020 Now Accepting Applications for Speakers

Nov. 15, 2019
Microgrid Knowledge today announced that the Microgrid 2020 call for speakers is now open with submissions due Jan. 15, 2020. The industry’s annual event will be held this year in Philadelphia, Pa.

Microgrid Knowledge today announced that the Microgrid 2020 call for speakers is now open with submissions due Jan. 15, 2020.

“Microgrid 2020: Distributed Energy and World Electrification” will be held June 2-3 in Philadelphia, Pa.

We will focus on microgrids, nanogrids, virtual power plants and related advanced distributed energy concepts worldwide, particularly as they relate to electrification,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge, the largest news resource about all things microgrid and host of the annual conference.

The conference planners seek speakers, panelists, presenters, small group facilitators and workshop leaders with expertise in the following topics:

  • Electrification: How electrification stimulates use of decentralized energy with examples in transportation, buildings, infrastructure and communities.
  • Resilience/Reliability: Microgrid innovations and technology that helps customers avoid or recover quickly from power outages caused by storms, wildfires, public service power shutoffs, cyberattacks or other disruptions
  • Regulation: Government and utility rules and policies that bolster or impede microgrid development related to competitive playing fields, environment, technology, operations, competition, consumers, tariffs, retail and wholesale markets, and other relevant areas.
  • Partnerships: Public/private partnerships, government-industry alliances, community microgrids, utility collaborations, etc that bring together parties in innovative ways
  • Economics/Finance: Advances in financing, tariffs, incentives, public/private funding, Green Banks, microgrid-as-a-service and other financing models. Examination of efficiency savings, stacked benefits and microgrid values (eg. value of resiliency). Analysis of societal costs of power outages and savings from microgrids.
  • Engineering/Operation: Overcoming technical challenges in microgrid operations, related to such areas as design, integration of generation resources, controls, islanding, point of common coupling, voltage and frequency stability, protective relaying performance, ground source arrangement and arc flash hazards.

Microgrid Knowledge plans to notify those chosen in mid-February. 

Microgrid 2020 returns to the US Northeast’s vibrant energy corridor

Microgrid 2020 marks the fifth year for the Microgrid Knowledge conference series and returns the annual event to the Northeast corridor’s vibrant energy market. This year’s host city, Philadelphia, is home to one of North America’s most advanced commercial microgrid projects, the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

The conference showcases the latest in technology, ideas and government policy. Microgrid buyers can explore the possibilities, all in one place, and learn how microgrids can help them achieve their energy reliability, sustainability and budgetary goals.

Microgrid 2020 also offers microgrid providers, large and small, the opportunity to make new industry connections and re-establish partnerships.

The event will continue the popular programs that characterize the conference series, including:

  • The Microgrid Finance Connection — a platform to bring together project developers in search of financing with financiers looking for investment grade projects. 
  • The Microgrid Greater Good Award program — Now in its second year, the award acknowledges microgrids that bring societal and environmental benefits to communities worldwide.
  • The Microgrid Regulatory and Policy Pre-conference Workshop — An opportunity for the industry, regulators and policymakers to roll up their sleeves and work together on ways to advance microgrids through government rules and support. This year’s workshop will be held Monday, June 1.
  • Post-conference tours of area microgrids on June 4.

More details are available on the Microgrid 2020 website. Information about sponsorship opportunities can be obtained by contacting Kevin Normandeau, 508-259-8570, [email protected].

Have an idea for Microgrid 2020? Complete the Microgrid 2020 call for speakers application no later than January 15, 2020.

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