Microgrid 2020 to Explore Distributed Energy and World Electrification

Oct. 7, 2019
Microgrid Knowledge today announced that the theme for Microgrid 2020 will be world electrification through distributed energy. The world’s largest microgrid industry event, Microgrid 2020 will held June 2-3 in Philadelphia, Pa.

Microgrid Knowledge today announced the theme for Microgrid 2020: distributed energy and world electrification.

To be held June 2-3 in Philadelphia, Pa, the conference will focus on the various ways electrification opens opportunities for microgrid development in both advanced and developing economies.

“In advanced economies like the US, electrication efforts are focused on vehicles, buildings and large infrastructure, such as airports and ports. It’s a movement away from use of fossil fuels — gasoline for cars and heating oil for buildings — and toward electricity as the main fuel,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge.

“In developing parts of the world electrification takes a different form. It’s about bringing electricity for the first time to the nearly 1 billion people in the world who lack ready access to reliable electric grids,” she said. “Microgrids are being installed to serve both cases.”

Electrification creates new opportunity for the power industry to innovate and grow. BloombergNEF sees electrification driving $13.3 trillion in new investment as demand for electricity grows 62% though 2050. To put that in perspective, that’s an amount just under the Gross Domestic Product of China.

In the US, full electrification of transportation, businesses and homes would double electricity use by 2050, while reducing greenhouse gases by 70% as electricity is increasingly generated from clean sources, according to the Environmental and Energy Study Institute.

Return to US Northeast’s vibrant energy corridor

Through expert keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, specialized roundables, technology exhibits and tours, Microgrid 2020 will focus on where and how microgrids are bolstering electrification efforts.

Microgrid 2020 marks the fifth year for the Microgrid Knowledge conference series and returns the annual event to the Northeast corridor’s vibrant energy market. This year’s host city, Philadelphia, is home to one of North America’s most advanced commercial microgrid projects, the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Organized by the largest news site devoted to all things microgrid, the conference showcases the latest in technology, ideas and government policy. Microgrid buyers can explore the possibilities, all in one place, and learn how microgrids can help them achieve their energy reliability, sustainability and budgetary goals.

Microgrid 2020 also offers microgrid providers, large and small, the opportunity to make new industry connections and re-establish partnerships.

The event will continue the popular programs that characterize the conference series, including the Microgrid Finance Connection — a platform to bring together project developers in search of financing with financiers looking for investment grade projects. 

In addition, the Microgrid Greater Good Award program will enter is second year. The award acknowledges microgrids that bring societal and environmental benefits to communities worldwide.

In addition, on June 1 Microgrid Knowledge will hold a pre-conference workshop that will offer an opportunity for policy and industry leaders to dive deeply into microgrid challenges. And a post-conference day, June 4, will feature tours of area microgrids.

Microgrid 2020 is specifically designed for: 

  • The thought leaders who are shaping and guiding the microgrid industry
  • Innovators, developers, utilities, and technology & engineering firms
  • Businesses, institutions and communities curious about how microgrids can benefit them
  • Energy financiers
  • Policymakers, regulators, researchers and advocates

Details are now available on the Microgrid 2020 website. Information about sponsorship opportunities can be obtained by contacting Kevin Normandeau, 508-259-8570, [email protected].

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