How to Find a Job in Microgrids and Distributed Energy

June 25, 2018
In keeping with its mission to advance microgrids and related technologies, Microgrid Knowledge today launched a distributed energy jobs board.

In keeping with its mission to advance microgrids and related technologies, Microgrid Knowledge today launched a distributed energy jobs board.

Employers may take advantage of this opportunity, free for an introductory period, by posting here using the promo code Free2018.

“As the largest independent news site devoted to microgrids, Microgrid Knowledge has long been a valuable resource for job seekers trying to uncover growth, trends and opportunities in distributed energy,” said Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge. “Now we offer an easy-to-scan, one-stop location for them to see who is hiring.”

Microgrid Knowledge welcomes all job postings related to distributed energy, including those for positions in management, technical/engineering, administrative, development, sales, installation/building, manufacturing, policy/advocacy and research/consulting.

Report: Quality energy workers hard to find

The US energy sector employs 6.4 million people according to a report by the Department of Energy on jobs and the economy. But energy employers are having trouble finding high quality applicants, a problem compounded by a workforce that is aging and retiring. Almost three-quarters of employers surveyed for the report found it difficult to fill jobs and 26 percent found it very difficult.

Clean energy is one of the fastest growing job sectors within energy, particularly solar, wind, and sustainable and resilient building. The power sector employs 1.1 million workers with 800,000 in low carbon emission generation technologies, according to the report.

The DOE report noted that distributed solar photovoltaics increased 35 percent nationwide between September 2015 and September 2016. Total solar — both utility-scale and distributed generation — increased by 52 percent.

This is reflected in job growth, according to the report. For example, in California (which accounts for 13 percent of the nation’s energy jobs) solar employs more workers than any other segment in the power industry.

Solar Energy is California’s Largest Employer in Power Generation

Courtesy of the US Dept. of Energy, 2017 U.S. Energy and Employment Report

Latest service offered by Microgrid Knowledge

The distributed energy jobs board is the latest industry service offered by Microgrid Knowledge, a news and feature website that provides original reporting and content on microgrid and distributed energy trends, markets, and projects worldwide.

Other services offered by Microgrid Knowledge include promotional and lead generation opportunities, content writing services via its partnership with Real Energy Writers, and an annual industry conference, with the next event, Microgrid 2019, scheduled for May 13-16 in San Diego.

Track distributed energy jobs and trends by subscribing to the free Microgrid Knowledge newsletter.

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