Microgrid Powered Mobility Hub Opens in Berlin, Germany

Oct. 26, 2020
Aral, Germany’s largest gas station chain opened a mobility hub in the center of Berlin, Germany, using a microgrid to power electric vehicle charging.

Aral, Germany’s largest gas station chain, operating around 2,400 filling stations, has opened a microgrid-powered mobility hub in the center of Berlin, Germany. The site will act a pilot for the future of mobility.

The hub is a multifunctional fueling station, with two new electric vehicle charging stations. The 320-kW location is not connected to the medium-voltage grid, but power is provided by a local battery, which charges when no electric vehicles are connected. This is the first stage of a microgrid; the goal is for the site to be self-sufficient with on-site electricity generation.

As such, Aral will be able to offer ultra-fast charging for electric vehicles in locations where the local power grid does not meet technical or commercial requirements.

Aral also recently commissioned over 100 ultra-fast charging points with up to 350 kW charging capacity in Germany. The aim is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from transport, in line with Aral’s parent company, BP’s goal to become climate neural by 2050.

Variety of transport options

“We’re thankful to the city of Berlin for supporting the project,” Bernard Looney, CEO of BP, said.

“Good partnerships will be key to getting to net zero for BP. We hope we can help create more of these sustainable hubs that help connect the dots across cities.”

As well as ultra-fast electric vehicle charging, the station offers battery changing for e-bikes, cargo bikes and small vehicles. The Swobbee battery changing machine enables drivers to change batteries in 30 seconds.

“With the new Aral Mobility Hub, we offer customers a comprehensive mobility service that goes beyond that of a classic petrol station. Particularly in urban areas, the variety of transport options plays an increasingly important role and our petrol stations can become a useful hub here,” Patrick Wendeler, chairman of the board of Aral, said.

Car, e-scooter, and bike sharing services are also available, alongside a connection to public transport, a REWE convenience store and a DHL parcel station.

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