Navy Grant Funds Energy Resilience Project

Dec. 10, 2020
The US Navy is funding research into microgrids, energy efficiency and related technologies at Massachusetts and New York universities.

Could a more reliable, resilient power system result from a project funded by the US Navy Office of Naval Research? Researchers at Stony Brook University, together with the University of Massachusetts Lowell, hope to make that a reality. Another goal is to improve energy generation efficiency, system operation, and storage in microgrids, including those located in shore-based environments.

The two schools will each take on nine distinct research projects to improve grid control, security and infrastructure monitoring, energy storage, materials and grid management, and zero-carbon fuels. The projects will complement each other, and the schools will split the $7.36 million grant. 

The universities expect to develop new training methods to align with those of National Grid and the Long Island Power Authority. The project will run through fall 2022.

“Efficient energy is vital to the security and economic stability of our region and nation,” said Maurie McInnis, president, Stony Brook University.

“This important work will address needs in energy generation, storage and system operation that ensure a secure and efficient future for the nation’s energy systems,” said Jacquie Moloney, chancellor, UMass Lowell.

Others working with the project note that: 

  • The timing comes as the energy industry is experiencing more significant technological change than at any time in the last century. 
  • Enhancing energy resiliency on the microgrid level is another critical step to advancing energy security and efficiency. 
  • The work is a vital part of innovative research in energy resiliency.
  • The project brings together energy experts from both universities with industry partners who collaborate to advance energy systems’ next generation. 
  • The participants will benefit from the results as the industry continues to develop.

Industry partnerships include Eversource, 2Witech Solutions, Insolcorp and the US Navy. 

Organizations involved are Stony Brook’s two New York State Centers of Excellence, the Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center  and the Center of Excellence for Wireless and Information Technology — which will assist the university researchers involved in the program. 

Early investment in energy research infrastructure comes from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative and UMass Lowell’s Rist Institute of Sustainability and Energy.

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