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Bundling Competitive Supply and Distributed Energy Resources

Sept. 17, 2020
In this paper from NRG , we will describe a more effective way, a cohesive and flexible energy strategy that bundles and coordinates your supply and DERs. Get the report to discover how managing these resources together can help achieve benefits beyond their individual values.

Texas businesses often pursue one of two distinct energy strategies. One approach focuses on competitive supply, which can offer low and predictable rates. The other encompasses distributed energy resources (DERs), such as backup generators, energy storage, or microgrids, which are technologies that enhance energy reliability and sustainability.

Businesses may even use these resources in demand response programs to create additional revenue streams. Pursuing either approach — competitive supply or DERs — makes sense. But managing them separately does not, and may leave money on the table.

Your business may have flexible resources that you might not necessarily think of as DERs, An experienced supplier can undertake arrange of strategies to manage electricity supply with DERs; some involve accruing revenue, others offsetting costs. The supplier may also use DERs to target specific aspects of a facility’s utility bill.

In this paper, NRG describes a more effective way, a cohesive and flexible energy strategy that bundles and coordinates your supply and DERs. Managing these resources together achieves benefits beyond their individual value.