Reader's Choice Awards: Top 10 most read microgrid articles for 2022

Dec. 19, 2022
Drumroll please...from the Inflation Reduction Act to microgrid basics, here are 2022's most read articles on Microgrid Knowledge.

This year's Top 10 most read articles on Microgrid Knowledge show that people are hungry to understand the fundamentals. They want to know how microgrids work, their benefits and how others are using them. Like last year, our most read article in 2022 (by a country mile) explains the basics. This year, readers continue to show their fascination with interesting microgrid projects and the future of microgrids. And, as policy discussions are always a hot topic, it's no surprise that our analysis of the Inflation Reduction Act made the Top 10.

Top 10 microgrid articles 2022


What is a microgrid?

By Elisa Wood

Curiosity about microgrids continues to grow, as evidenced by the number of people who read our most fundamental cornerstone article.


22 intriguing microgrid projects to watch in 2022

By Elisa Wood

Here’s the list of microgrid projects we highlighted in early 2022 for their innovation, ability to serve as models and demonstration of microgrid benefits. Our initial list netted twice the number we needed, so we went with 22, which seemed appropriate for the year.


How AI-powered DERMS can build and optimize a smart grid

By Kathy Hitchens

The role artificial intelligence (AI) will play in microgrids and distributed energy resource management systems, or DERMS, was a hot topic this year. Here we look at how AI in conjunction with a DERMS can help manage the growing number of renewables and their associated data.


Why aren’t there more small wind turbines on buildings?

By Elisa Wood

Solar panels and battery storage are common components in a microgrid. This article looks at how one company is hoping to increase the use of wind turbines in microgrids – even on city buildings.


Army to equip all bases with microgrids by 2035 as part of carbon-free electricity goal

By Elisa Wood

The US military continues to lead the way in terms of microgrid adoption. Here, we look at the Army’s commitment to be carbon-free by 2035 – and how it’s going to use microgrids to reach that goal.


Here comes the future: Bronzeville ‘microgrid cluster’ set to begin operating this year

By Lisa Cohn

Visionaries have long dreamt of the day when they’d be able to link microgrids together to create the future grid. Here we explain how Commonwealth Edison and the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) are making that dream a reality by connecting the Bronzeville Community Microgrid with ITT’s microgrid to create the first microgrid cluster in the country.


Microgrid benefits: Eight ways a microgrid will improve your operation … and the world 

By Elisa Wood

This article is another of our cornerstone posts — stories that provide readers with the basics about microgrids. Here we look at the range of ways microgrids serve industries, institutions, communities and other customers.


Vermont utility wants to 'radically transform' grid, add microgrids and create resiliency zones

By Elisa Wood

In what could be a model for other utilities, readers were intrigued by Green Mountain Power's hyperlocal plan to use microgrids in the creation of resiliency zones. This is yet another look into one possible future with microgrids.


Update: Climate bill — which could cut microgrid costs 10% to 50% — passes US Senate on Sunday

By Lisa Cohn

One of the biggest stories Microgrid Knowledge tracked this year was the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act. On the eve of the bill’s passage, we explored how this landmark legislation would cut microgrid costs and increase microgrid adoption.


What are non-wires alternatives?

By Lisa Cohn

This article is yet another of our cornerstone posts – stories that provide readers with the basics about microgrids. Here we look at non-wires alternatives in place of the more traditional “poles and wires” infrastructure seen with our current electric grid.

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