Enhancing data center reliability and sustainability with a microgrid solution

Aug. 24, 2020
Download and learn how PowerSecure designed the central mission-critical electrical system for a data center in Plano, Texas.

Aligned is a data center infrastructure technology company offering data center solutions to cloud, enterprise, and managed service providers.

For its new facility in Plano, Texas, Aligned required state-of-the-art electrical systems that were reliable, sustainable, and cost-effective, responding to the demands of the data center industry today.

PowerSecure designed the central mission-critical electrical system, a 12.5 MW microgrid that provides 100% standby power with N+4 redundancy and parallels with the local utility grid to enhance stability and provide peak load management. The system also comprises five integrated 2.5 MW Tier 4 PowerBlock generation systems and NexGear advanced paralleling switchgear. Moreover, the financial benefits yielded by enrolling the 12.5 MWs in the Energy Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) Demand Response Program provided 100% of the financing for the microgrid.