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Crisis, Contingencies, and Climate Change - Global Energy Trends 2023

Jan. 6, 2023
Over 2021-22, environmental, macro-economic, and geopolitical shocks have put the global energy transition under pressure.

The energy transition continues to evolve as countries around the globe strive to reduce carbon emissions, reach net zero goals, and, in light of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, improve their energy security. The result is a series of overlapping challenges that the energy sector must address.

This white paper from GridBeyond explores some of the biggest challenges and opportunities the energy sector will face in 2023, as noted by industry participants, commentators, and other experts. Topics covered include energy price shocks, energy insecurity, energy storage, electrification and resilience behind the meter.

The paper also explores what the experts believe will be the year’s biggest energy sector technology trends. Additionally, the white paper includes sections focused on the energy transition in Australia, Great Britain, Ireland, Japan, and the Unites States.        

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