Microgrid 2019 Update: Applications Now Being Accepted for the Microgrid Financing Connection

March 22, 2019
Project developers are in search of microgrid financing; financiers are in search of investment-grade projects. Microgrid 2019 offers a platform to bring the two together in year two of the Microgrid Financing Connection.

Project developers are in search of microgrid financing; financiers are in search of investment-grade projects. Microgrid 2019 offers a platform to bring the two together in year two of the Microgrid Financing Connection.

Launched last year at Microgrid 2018 in Chicago, the popular match-making program is being continued for Microgrid 2019, which will be held in San Diego May 14-16.

If you’re a project developer, you can participate by completing the pre-screening application form. Your project will be reviewed by a committee of microgrid technology companies and project financiers. Applicants selected by the committee will be invited to meet privately with investors at Microgrid 2019.

“If you think you have a dynamite project, this is the forum for you. You’ll be paired up with experts from the financing industry who want to listen to you pitch your project. These are real people with real money. Experienced financiers who are specifically looking for projects worthy of investing their funds,” said David Chiesa, S&C Electric‘s senior director for global business development on the Microgrid Financing Connection. “If you’re struggling with financing, do not miss this opportunity. I don’t know when you’ll ever have a better chance to move your project forward.”

Pitch sessions with financiers

During a 30-minute pitch session, project developers will have an opportunity to describe their plans to the financiers and learn more about their investment requirements.

Microgrid Knowledge welcomes applications from institutions, commercial and industrial businesses, utilities, communities, real estate developers, government entities and others that are developing microgrids.

To participate complete the form here.

Microgrid 2019 also will feature special sessions on microgrid finance, including a main stage discussion: “Microgrid Financing: How to Make Your Microgrid a Reality,” at 9:15 on Wednesday, May 15, which will be moderated by Karen Morgan, president and CEO of Dynamic Energy Networks.

In addition, the May 15 agenda includes a panel, “Capturing and Quantifying the Full Worth of a Microgrid,” with the following presentations:

  • Toward Reducing Microgrid Development Costs and Making a Project Pencil – Practical Considerations; Michael Boswell, Vice President of Distributed Generation Projects, Concord Engineering
  • Understanding the Economics of Microgrid Asset Choices; Kay Aikin, CEO, Introspective Systems
  • How to Develop a Business Case for Microgrids through the Smart City Solutions; Mehdi Ganji, Smart Cities Vice President, Willdan Energy Solutions

See the full Microgrid 2019 agenda here.

Features worldwide microgrid opportunities

Microgrid 2019: Shaping the New Electric Grid” follows Microgrid Knowledge’s highly successful conferences in New York City, Boston and Chicago, all part of the online publication’s mission to advance microgrids and related technology.

Set on the waterfront at one of San Diego’s newest luxury hotels, Microgrid 2019 will gather together energy and policy leaders who are setting direction as microgrids grow into a $30.9 billion industry.

The three-day event will feature worldwide opportunities for microgrids and related technologies, such as nanogrids, virtual power plants and energy storage.

A special pre-conference workshop on Monday, May 13 will offer policymakers and thought leaders an afternoon of visioning and problem-solving focusing on microgrid incentives and tariffs. Sponsored by Navigant, the workshop will be facilitated by Ken Horne, director for smart grid in the emerging technology and business strategy group of Navigant Consulting and Peter Asmus, principal research analyst at Navigant Research.

Microgrid 2019 registration information is available here

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