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May 27, 2022
Microgrid 2022 is set to begin in only a few days, and this is proving to be our most popular conferences to date. More than 500 people have already registered for the June 1-2 event, pushing us close to our capacity for the venue.

Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes is set to begin in only a few days, and this is proving to be our most popular conference to date. More than 500 people have already registered for the June 1-2 event, pushing us close to our capacity for the venue. The exhibit hall is sold out.

We want to make sure that everyone interested in microgrids has a chance to attend the conference so we’ve reconfigured things today to add a few more seats. But if you plan to attend, and have not yet registered, we urge you to do so as soon as possible.

To be held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes will bring nearly 100 microgrid experts to its stage for a series of lively talks, panels and workshops.

Here’s an opportunity to not only learn about the latest microgrid trends, technologies and opportunities but also meet the people making it happen: The innovators and forward-thinkers creating the grid of the future.

Information-rich agenda

The event kicks off June 1 with a welcome from Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney.

The keynote will be delivered by well-known disaster preparedness expert Jeffrey Schlegelmilch. Schlegelmilch serves as the director of the National Center for Disaster Preparedness at Columbia Climate School, Columbia University. He is also a contributor to The Hill and author of the book, Rethinking Readiness: A Brief Guide to Twenty-First-Century Megadisasters.

Other highlights of the first day include two timely main stage discussions: “Megatrends and Microgrids: Macroeconomic Influences on the Microgrid Market,” with experts from finance and economics, and “Making Microgrids a Building Block of US Infrastructure and Climate Goals,” which is a look at opportunities created for microgrids through the $1 trillion Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.

Microgrid Knowledge will also announce the winners of the 2022 Microgrid Greater Good Awards on June 1.

The afternoon will feature a series of breakout sessions that will cover a range of microgrid topics: 

  • Microgrids to the Rescue: How a Small Nonprofit Is Changing the Face of Disaster Recovery.
  • Growing Food, Grapes and Cannabis with Microgrid Power.
  • But Is a Microgrid Possible for My Community? Veteran Microgridders Show the Way.
  • Sustainable Commerce in the Age of the Microgrid.
  • Travel Insurance: Why Mass Transit Is Coming to Rely on Microgrids.
  • Workshop: Achieving Resiliency Alongside Demand Response.
  • Greening and Microgridding the Mid-Atlantic.
  • Workshop: Innovations in Microgrid Resiliency: The Realities of a Grid of Microgrids and Replacing Diesel Generation.
  • Even Smarter Cities: Keeping Critical Services Operating When the Grid Is Down.

Day 2, June 2, kicks off with a main stage interview that Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge, will conduct with US Congressman Sean Casten, D-Ill. Casten is a former microgrid developer and now co-chair of the New Democrat Coalition’s Climate Change Task Force. 

After the interview, conference attendees will again have the opportunity to choose from among a series of information-rich sessions: 

  • Microgrids and the Future Grid: A Preview of What’s to Come.
  • Is Local Energy the Key to Energy Equity?
  •  Microgrids for Homes and Neighborhoods.
  • Why the Army Plans to Equip All Bases with Microgrids by 2035 – and How.
  • “Yeah! We’re Going to Electrify Everything … Uh Oh.”
  • Microgrid Innovation.
  • How to Bring Maximum Microgrid Value to Utilities and their Customers.
  • Winners of the 2022 Microgrid Knowledge Greater Good Awards present their projects.
  • Workshop: How to Accelerate the Transition to 100% Renewable Generation with Microgrids.
  • Graduating Beyond the Basics: The Latest Microgrid Innovations for Campuses.
  • What Remote Microgrids Can Teach Us All about the Future of Energy: Panel Discussion.
  • Workshop: Destination Hybrid Success: Optimizing Microgrids to Deliver Resilience and EV Charging while Cutting Costs and Emissions.
  • What the Last Two Days Taught Us about the Future of Microgrids: Insights from the Leaders.

The event also features many networking opportunities and a sold-out exhibit hall where attendees can explore the latest in microgrid technology.

Microgrid Knowledge’s last conference sold out in advance, so we encourage you to act soon if you plan to attend. More details about the conference can be found at the Microgrid 2022 site or you can register here

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