Endeavor Business Media acquires Microgrid Knowledge

May 6, 2022
Endeavor Business Media this week announced the acquisition of Microgrid Knowledge. The acquisition will align with Endeavor’s energy brands such as T&D World, EnergyTech and Utility Analytics Institute, among others.

Endeavor Business Media announces the acquisition of Microgrid Knowledge, including the online news and information site designed to advance microgrid adoption and the microgrid conference series. This acquisition will align with Endeavor’s energy brands such as T&D WorldEnergyTech and Utility Analytics Institute, among others.

“We are pleased to add Microgrid Knowledge to Endeavor Business Media and are excited to expand our reach in the energy market to benefit our readers and advertisers,” said Chris Ferrell, CEO of Endeavor Business Media. “Led by a talented editorial team, Microgrid Knowledge is a valuable resource for energy businesses, organizations and policymakers who are on the forefront of the fast-growing energy arena.”

Microgrid Knowledge is an industry-leading information source, providing important news on microgrids and distributed energy resources with original content about markets, policies, trends and technologies. The site attracted 375,000 unique visitors last year, including large energy customers, energy project developers, utilities, and energy equipment vendors and suppliers. The microgrid conference series offers in-person networking and education with the next event, Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes.

“We are pleased to join the Endeavor Business Media family and look forward to leveraging Endeavor’s robust energy brands to generate substantial growth opportunities for the Microgrid Knowledge site and event,” said Kevin Normandeau, Microgrid Knowledge group publisher.

“It’s been a great pleasure to tell the very worthy story of microgrids for the last eight years. Now we will have the opportunity to amplify the story much more widely, given the reach and size of Endeavor Business Media,” said Elisa Wood, Microgrid Knowledge editor-in-chief.

The acquisition comes as Microgrid Knowledge prepares for what’s expected to be its largest conference yet, Microgrid 2022: Microgrids as Climate Heroes, which will be held June 1-2 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A gathering of energy innovators and visionaries, Microgrid 2022 is the place to not only learn about the latest microgrid trends, technologies and opportunities but also meet the people making them happen.

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