Considering a Microgrid in California? Join us at Microgrid California October 5

Aug. 20, 2021
Hear firsthand from those operating, developing and seeking microgrids in California. Join us Microgrid California, a one-day forum on Oct. 5.

After three successful virtual conferences, Microgrid Knowledge is now relaunching its in-person events, with the first gathering, Microgrid California, to be held in Foster City on October 5. Microgrid California: Keeping the Power Flowing During Grid Disruption”  will focus on helping those in the state’s dominant industries — such as agriculture, technology and higher education — overcome challenges they face as they try to microgrid their facilities.

The one-day educational forum will feature a series of problem-solving sessions designed for California businesses, institutions and communities. Their representatives will be invited to discuss obstacles they face.  Microgrid experts will join them on stage to help them find a practical path forward. The sessions will encourage audience interaction to help attendees facing similar obstacles.

“There is strong demand for microgrids in California, following last year’s blackout and ongoing public safety power shutoffs,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge. “But confusion persists about how to move forward, secure financing and incentives, overcome regulatory hurdles, or sort through technology or vendor choices. Some organization’s have outdated information about microgrids or don’t know how to find guidance applicable to their particular industry or situation.”

Read “How Microgrids Will Change the Way Electricity Is Made, Delivered and Used,” to get a sense of the thought-provoking discussions at Microgrid Knowledge events.

“We’ve structured this educational forum to bring these issues to light so that managers of these business, institutions and communities can walk away from the day with the information they need to move forward with microgrids in California,” Wood added

In addition to problem-solving panels and featured speakers, Microgrid California will offer a technology exhibit hall and extensive networking opportunities.

The in-person event will be the first held by Microgrid Knowledge since the start of the pandemic. Participation is limited to 150 attendees. (Register here.) All sessions will focus on microgrid issues important to Californians.

Growth continued during pandemic

During the pandemic, Microgrid Knowledge transitioned from its in-person conference to virtual conferences, which attracted 12,000 participants. 

While the pandemic created hardship for many businesses, the microgrid industry continued to thrive as awareness grew about the need for more reliable, sustainable and cost-effective energy. “This was reflected in the growth we saw at Microgrid Knowledge over this period,” said Kevin Normandeau, publisher of Microgrid Knowledge. “Our audience grew 62% from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021. We very much appreciated the support of the microgrid community during this period when in-person gatherings became impossible.”

Several significant microgrid announcements came out of California over the last year, despite the pandemic. They include: 

  • PG&E Turns to 3 Kinds of Microgrids to Avert Wildfire Power Shutoffs
  • The completion of the Marine Corps’ Air Station Miramar in San Diego by Schneider Electric and Black & Veatch 
  • A first-of-a-kind installation by Veolia at a Rialto, California wastewater treatment plant that is expected to save in excess of $300,000 per year in energy costs
  • A Kaiser Permanente hospital microgrid that will demonstrate a range of energy innovations in Ontario, California, including how to incorporate renewable energy and move away from diesel generators
  • A Menlo Park, California, Microgrid that will be paid for by Facebook
  • ENGIE North America and Adventist Health have completed a microgrid at the Feather River Health Center in Paradise, California
  • California Tribe Explores What Some See as the Future: Networked Microgrids
Microgrid California speakers

More information about Microgrid California is available at the conference website. 

For information about sponsoring Microgrid California, contact Veronica Trotto, [email protected].

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