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May 11, 2021
Microgrid 2021 kicks off today with a look at how microgrids act as reliability heroes when the electric grid is no longer enough.

At Microgrid Knowledge, we like to say that microgrids are a technology on the side of angels. That might sound like hyperbole unless you are among those who have lost their electricity in dire circumstances.

Consider what happened in October 2019 when the power went out in Humboldt County, California, leaving medical patients with no place to plug in their life-sustaining systems. Fortunately for them, nearby Blue Lake Rancheria had a microgrid, and the tribal community opened its doors to the patients. The county said that the microgrid saved lives that day.

Conversely, lives were lost in Texas during Winter Storm Uri in February because of power outages. There we saw what a lack of microgrids means in a disaster.

“These are just two examples of why microgrids are directly connected to our well-being,” said Elisa Wood, editor-in-chief of Microgrid Knowledge. “When wildfires, hurricanes, derechos and other disasters disable the central grid, microgrids keep the power flowing.”

“In areas of the world where there is no central grid, microgrids play an equally important role, electrifying clinics, pumping water, food storage and other critical services,” she added.

This is why Microgrid Knowledge has devoted the first week of Microgrid 2021, beginning May 11, to the theme of reliability.

Here’s what you can look forward to on the second day, May 13.

Microgrid Reliability: What’s the Secret Sauce?

10 am EST

Here we look inside the microgrid to see how it creates exceptional electric reliability. Learn about a microgrid’s intelligence, islanding capability and use of energy storage. What are the pros and cons of different kinds of batteries? When are flywheels and fuel cells an option? What new breakthroughs are on the horizon for technologies that offer energy resilience? (Webinar)

Moderator: Kevin Normandeau, Publisher, Microgrid Knowledge


  • Michael Coskun, Director of Business Development, S&C, “Excuse me, what is in this burger?”
  • Patrick Lee, Co-Founder and CEO, PXiSE Energy Solutions, “The Necessity and Viability of Real-Time Grid Controls”
  • Jamie Smith, VP of Global Business Development, Generac
Solutions Showcase: Cummins Power Integration Center

12:15 EST

During this session you’ll also learn how microgrids can be configured to the unique needs of a facility, campus or community using multiple generation sources including renewable energy. You’ll also get chance to see a microgrid as it is being built.

Moderator: Kevin Normandeau, Publisher, Microgrid Knowledge


  • Julie Delago, Director – Site and Electromechanical Integration Team, Cummins
  • Corey Bergendahl, Systems Engineer Product Advisor, Cummins
  • Hassan Obeid, Global Technical Advisor, Cummins
How to Get More out of Microgrids: Overcoming the Challenges

1 pm EST

An expert panel takes a deep dive into key challenges that prevent society from capturing the full reliability benefits of microgrids, including market, technical and regulatory obstructions. Industry leaders offer solutions and next steps. (Panel discussion)

Moderator: Samantha Reifer, Director of Special Projects, Scale Microgrid


  • Scott Kessler, Head of Microgrid Strategy and Sales, Siemens
  • Scott Manson, Technology Director, SEL
  • Keith Thomson, Co-Founder and Facilitator, AVL Critical Services Microgrid Group
  • Karim El Alami, Managing Director,  Elum Energy

We welcome you to register for these sessions, free of charge, if you do so before May 13. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept registrations for a session the day the session will occur. Registration is open for future sessions.

For more information about Microgrid 2021, which runs through June 3, we welcome you to peruse the agenda and speaker roster. You are welcome to attend all sessions or choose those that most interest you.

Microgrid 2021 is designed for businesses, government agencies, institutions, municipalities and communities — or for anyone interested in learning about how a microgrid will improve their operation.

The event is hosted by Microgrid Knowledge, the world’s largest news site devoted to all things microgrid.

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